Here is another high quality storage product from Mobile Storage Systems. The Standard Storage Chest is the largest of the Mobile Storage Systems ‘Off the shelf’ load area chests and is the perfect solution for safely storing expensive gear, electronics and other valuable products like tools etc. The chests width allows it to fit perfectly between the wheel arches of a Land Rover Defender or Series while also creating a flat load area in the rear of your vehicle when used in conjunction with other Mobile Storage Systems’ products. The chest also fits neatly at the back of your vehicle for quick access to your tools, gear or in our case camera equipment.

As with the Mobile Storage Systems chests, the standard chest is fitted with a highly secure South Co Lock. and for those looking for extra security, two locks can be fitted on request.The locking system is obviously very important when storing expensive electronic equipment and having some peace of mind when the vehicle is parked up. The product also comes with a high quality rubber seal around the edge which protects the chest contents from unwanted dust etc.
Similar to installing other MSS storage systems, hexserts are pre-installed in the base of the chest.

This is to stop the bolts spinning whilst installing to your vehicle allowing for a quicker and easier installation.The product also comes with stainless steel bolts, captive nuts and a useful interior rubber matting to help protect your gear.The chest comes as standard with a black powder coated body and a natural chequer plate finish it’s also worth noting that other colours and finishes are available.

All up for us this is a very useful product given we carry a lot of expensive camera equipment when on the road doing shoots etc. It just gives you that extra piece of mind when away from the vehicle and most definitely a deterrent for thieves. For more information click here.


Slimline Storage Chest – MSS-SLC


The Mobile Storage Systems Superline Drawer is fitted with extremely heavy-duty, full extension runners that are rated at 160kg. This means that these drawers have a smooth sliding system that are built to stand the test of time. Support beams are placed across the drawer allowing for heavy gear to be stored on top of the drawer without affecting the drawer’s functionality.

Weighing in a 42Kg the Superline has also been designed with a reinforced drawer floor and this gives the drawer more rigidity, increasing its strength and reliability.The drawer is also installed with a high quality and very secure, SouthCo locking paddle latch. Additionally, there are two holes where you can attach padlocks for added security and peace of mind. The offset includes a lockable ‘Space Saver Door’.

This creates a very useful space beside the drawer as well as the drawer being able to fit up to the rear door and not interfere with the door mechanism. For us carrying lots of camera equipment on trips this gives extra security and peace of mind.

Superline Load Area Store Drawer – MSS-SL-D


The first impression on this unit is the quality and the skilled workmanship that has gone into manufacturing the unit. You can also tell from its functionality that the designers were Land Rover tourers /enthusiasts and knew exactly what they were doing. Although designed for Puma Defender models, this Cubby Box will also fit in pre-2007 models including Series vehicles.The Cubby Box contains a main lockable storage compartment that is perfect for safely storing smaller cameras and chargers but also for getting access to other types of gear including navigational systems, your glasses, money and so on.

The lock installed into this unit is drill resistant and incorporates an anti-burst lock, so if anyone manages to break into your vehicle they best come prepared. Other features include a lockable radio compartment, a trinket tray, front and rear cup holders. One of the real treats on offer is the deeply padded armrest available in black vinyl, black cloth, and tapestry, for us this is a real luxury that just makes the ride in your land Rover defender that much more comfortable. All of these features in addition to two 12v Lighter Sockets, and high-quality Map Pockets this is a premium storage system that will last the test of time and probably see you and your Land Rover out. Manufactured in the UK the Cubby Box is a MIG welded with no spot welds hence giving you a stronger and pretty much indestructible cubby box. For more information on this awesome storage systems cubby box click here.