We recently got a chance to head down river to test a few products one of which included the Petromax Rocket Stove. Like all Petromax products this is of a very high quality and perfect for cooking with on this type of a camping trip. The German based Petromax really do deliver on producing quality products and the Petromax Rocket Stove rf33 ticks all of the boxes when it comes to functionality and durability and it also just happens to look the business.

The stove effectively uses a wood boiler principle where wood is stacked as it is fed into the chamber, this process achieves an extremely efficient combustion of biomass thanks to the stoves design which facilitates optimal air supply. The simple L-shaped design of the fuel support allows fuel be it wood,bark, twigs, cones or any sources of natural fuel that may be lying about or near your campsite to be stacked up and fed into the stove .

In the combustion chamber the heat is limited to a small space which is protected by the isolated housing. The heat escaping from the vent is then captured in the cast-iron top, providing optimal heat to cook your favorite camp meal, the escaping flames from the funnel are also a great way to cook your meats and vegetables, just like you would cook a stir fry at home over a gas flame. Before using the stove for the first time make sure you attach the supplied handles securely.

Also when using the stove always make sure you place it on a sturdy surface, remember it needs to be sturdy enough to hold a cast iron pot or pan, the last thing you want is your food tipping over because of an uneven surface, take your time to scope out an even surface before starting to use the stove. Also when placing the fuel support in front of the feeding door, make sure the feeding door can be opened and closed easily, when you are not feeding in the fuel,keep the stoves door closed.

It goes without saying that this product should only be used in the outdoors and when using outdoors you should always adhere to the leave no trace principles and show consideration to the plant and animal life and to nature reserves.When you are finished with the stove make sure you remove the ashes from the combustion chamber when they are cold and dispose of them properly.

On this trip we cooked up a tasty indian dish and we were very impressed on how intense the heat can get from the funnel, of course you can control this by increasing or decreasing the amount of fuel that you are feeding into the stove. We cooked our dinner in a Petromax Dutch Oven, if you are cooking with a Dutch Oven make sure it has a flat base as the Dutch Ovens with legs are not suitable for use with this stove. It is also advisable to place suitable cookware such as pots and pans (bottom diameter at least 4.72 in /12 cm) on the cast-iron top. Check out the video for a closer look, all up this is a cracking bit of kit.

• Once you have finished cooking, let the fire in the rf33 burn out. Never pour water to extinguish the fire in the rocket stove.
• Let the rocket stove completely cool down before storing it, and keep it in a dry place.
• You can grease the cast-iron top with the Petromax Care Conditioner.

The Bag

Transport Bag for Rocket Stove rf33
The bag with reinforced walls and base offers a safe solution for the transport of the Petromax Rocket Stove rf33. The sturdy padded Ripstop fabric brings additional stability. Both handles as well as the removable shoulder strap are particularly reinforced and provide pleasant wearing comfort. Additional accessories can be placed in mesh pockets inside the lid or in the outer pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners.


Height: 13 in (33 cm)
Outer diameter: 9.3 in (23.5 cm)
Inner diameter chimney: 3.7 in (9.4 cm)
Dimension feeding door: 2.8 x 4.7 in (7 x 12 cm)
Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)
Material: stainless steel, cast iron, wood