The Cooking Tripod from Petromax is a very versatile option for camp cooking. The tripod is a three legged stand which comes with an adjustable chain and a large hook, and which allows you to hang a variety of different cooking equipment over your campfire or firepit.

The sturdy hook enables you to hang a large Petromax Dutch oven, kettle or hanging fire bowl.

Using the adjustable chain the distance between the Dutch Oven or firebowl can easily be adjusted. The chain itself does not get very hot, so it is easy to adjust the height when required.

The chamfered feet ensure that the Tripod stands safely on all kinds of different surfaces and each leg can be adjusted individually to ensure that the Tripod remains evenly balanced on uneven ground.

The Hanging Fire Bowl from Petromax is simply suspended on the hook of the Cooking Tripod via an eye rod. The Firebowl provides a large cooking space for meat, vegetables & other foods. Over the fire the bowl quickly reaches the right temperature for cooking and is ready to use in no time. Just like with the Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowls, the food juices are not lost on the fire but are retained in the bowl, which enables you to prepare especially juicy steaks or burgers and fried potatoes and eggs as well as mixed, grilled vegetables, cooking these delicious foods in their own stock. Thanks to the different temperature zones on the cooking plate, burger buns or prepared food can be kept warm on the edge of the bowl while meat is roasted in the centre. The tripod and hanging bowl together provide a very flexible cooking option.

The cooking equipment can be suspended over a regular campfire or can be placed over a firebowl like the Petromax Atago. The Petromax Cooking Tripod has quickly become one of our favourite setups for camp cooking.

The large cooking surface allows for the ‘chef’ to cook lots of food at the same time which is great for larger families or groups.

The amount of control that is possible over the cooking temperature, by raising and lowering the firebowl using the chain and also due to the different temperature zones on the firebowl gives great flexibility when cooking food and also keeping it warm when needed.

It is also very obviously built to be tough and hard wearing and it looks great too and provides a great focal point for a camping setup.

This excellent camp cooking setup is definitely going to be in our vehicles for all future camping trips.