With the Seat Cushion add-ons the ultra-passive coolbox system kx25 or Kx50 become comfortable seats for outdoors. The permanently elastic synthetic foam ensures ideal pressure distribution under load and thus pleasant seating comfort. The black outer shell is made of resistant ripstop fabric (600D) and provides great durability. Dirt can be easily brushed off or wiped with a damp cloth. The mesh fabric underneath the Seat Cushion creates a reliable anti-slip coating and breathable membrane for firm fit when wet as well as quick drying in fresh air. The topside of the cushion has been furnished with high-quality logo embroidery.

Thanks to the practical 4-point-press-stud system the Seat Cushion can be simply attached to and removed from the lid. Prior to the first use, the matching counterparts need to be screwed onto the markings provided in the lid.

To prepare to attach the cushion stud counterpoints, clean the four factory embedded depressions in the lid of the Cool Box and dry them well. Afterwards a counterpart for a press stud is placed centre on the depression and screwed in and tightened by hand.

Place the Seat Cushion (mesh fabric facing downwards) on the Cool Box, align flush and lightly one-by-one press each of the four loops with press stud onto the screwed-on counterparts. For removal of your Seat Cushion pull off the four cushion loops with press studs sideways one-by-one and away from the lid.