In issue 8 of the TURAS Camping & 4WD magazine we had a look at DARCHE’S Panorama 2 rooftop tent and highlighted that it is ergonomically designed with one of the lowest profiles of any rooftop tent on the market at just 250 mm.

This shortness in height will save you on fuel costs on those big journeys and will also reduce the overall height of your vehicle allowing you to get under obstacles easier and gives you a better center of gravity when hitting the tracks.

The RTM 1400 offers between 60mmm-80mm of mattress depth guaranteeing a great night’s sleep

The compromise for having a low profile tent is that the mattress is usually not as thick as other tents on the market and as a result not always as comfortable. The standard thinner mattress has never really been an issue for us when it comes to comfort but for those who do enjoy extra padding this can now be realised following the recent introduction of the DARCHE self inflatable mattress, the RTM 1400. A good night’s sleep in a DARCHE rooftop tent just got better. Introducing the Darche RTM 1400, the RTM 1400 is a fully bonded self-inflating 80mm thick mattress designed to replace the existing mattress of any 1400mm wide rooftop tent.

The RTM 1400 comes tightly packed

The main benefit here is that you now have a thicker mattress but also the innovative self-inflation/deflation processnow allows for extra storage room when deflated for your sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillows etc) without interfering with easy pack down and as a result speeding up your camp set up and take down times.

So how does it work?

the RTM 1400 features an open cell high density foam that offers a soft comfortable surface. The open cells allow the foam to absorb, release and control moisture vapour freely and as a result resisting the build up of mould. Also the density level ensures the foam will not break down. This generous foam density also results in better sound absorption, which is a big plus, if you have ever slept on a air mattress you will know how noisy they can be.

Simply loosen the straps and let the mattress inflate and leave laid out on the floor overnight

In recent years mattress makers have been experimenting with multi-layer systems that use different kinds of foam, including high-density foam, memory foam and support foam. Despite the advances in recent years polyurethane foam has been around since the mid 30’s. Developed by a German man called Otto Bayer it is now used in numerous industries from mattresses, airline, house furnishing, footwear, buildings and also in automotive and 4WD touring industry.

When putting the mattress away use your knees to help deflate

Construction includes a hardwearing 75D peach finished polyester top, providing strength and durability for frequent outdoor camping and 4×4 touring usage. The machined plain weave continuous filament construction is engineered to ensure this durable and resistant to wear-and-tear fabric will not lose its soft handle over its lifetime. Warmth is provided in this high quality fabric and is ideal for an undisturbed sleep on colder nights.The base of the RTM 1400 features both Velcro strips and dotted non-slip PVC to ensure the mattress remains secured to the base of your rooftop tent throughout the night and when you a re packing it down. There is know doubt that the extra thickness in the inflated mattress gives extra comfort when on the road.