Swags have evolved significantly over the years, from simple designs to some very innovative options that come in all shapes and sizes. DARCHE has taken the design of swags to the next level with the Dome Swag entering the market a couple of decades ago. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the DARCHE swag range is more than impressive and we can honestly say that camping on a swag with a stretcher is one of the most comfortable ways to camp.

Heading into its 31st year, DARCHE revolutionised the traditional swag market with the introduction of some very innovative models. Having had a chance to use some of the DARCHE progressive range like the Dirty Dee, the Dusk To Dawn and the Nebula now all available in the UK, Europe the US and around the world, we recently got to experience using the revolutionary Air-volution AD 900 on a recent trip to France.

The DARCHE Air-volution range is extremely durable and just so simple to use,for those who like to get into camp and get set up as quickly as possible, well this is a game changer, the technology replaces traditional tent poles with fast set up air poles that can be inflated in minutes. The Air-Volution™ technology eliminates lost, broken or forgotten poles and issues related to broken or jammed quick set-up frames. This technology has been used for a while and despite already ticking all the boxes they have recently been enhanced thanks to DARCHE ongoing research and development and their ongoing focus on trying to make existing innovations even better.

The recently released next generation AD swag now sees campers and tourers setting up camp even faster than before. With now only one inflation point (the previous ones used to have two), the Air-Volution high capacity hand pump will inflate the entire swag in less than 20 seconds! With a single inflation point and puncture resistant air poles, you won’t have to worry about setting up times or emergencies! It’s also very comforting to know that the inflatable poles in the AD are made from puncture resistant TPU covered by durable PE pole sleeves for an extra level of protection.

Step 1 – lay out the AD 900

Step 2- connect the pump

Step 3- inflate the swag

The AD Swag has a two-way entry with storm covers/awnings and comes with a high capacity hand pump! The seam sealed 260gsm ripstop canvas and reinforced 600gsm PVC bucket floor is durable and suitable for tough conditions, and the swag also includes a 50mm mattress giving you awesome comfort. We spent 10 nights in the AD and loved it, like all DARCHE swags the durable canvas blocks out any early morning sunshine.

Add in a DARCHE stretcher to this and we guarantee you will be blown away on how comfortable this combo is when camping. They have been doing this in Australia for years and it is a relatively novel way to camp in Europe, when you see the set up packed away first it will look a bit bulky in comparison to the smaller tents we are used to camping in particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. Our view is that if you have the room on your roof rack or in the back of your vehicle to store a swag and a stretcher, well it’s definitely going to give you a whole new experience when camping, its really hard to explain how comfortable and enjoyable this set up is. Some of the benefits experienced by us included being raised off the ground, this gives you easy access to your sleeping quarters but also it makes it a breeze to take off your shoes or get access to your clothes and items from your travel bag before you go to bed. Also for those of you who like to have a couple of beers around the camp-fire before you go to bed, leaving the swag in the middle of the night when nature calls is no longer a big deal, no more crawling out of the tent and trying to put your shoes on at ground level.

Being off the ground also means that you do not have to worry about camping on a damp and muddy ground which most of us have experienced, not sure which is worse being cold from the dampness or getting your gear ruined with the mud. All up honestly this is one of the most comfortable ways to camp and well given the quality of these swags and stretchers it’s a great investment.

AD 900 Key Features

Single air pole inflates in less than 20 seconds.
Puncture resistant air poles.
Two-way entry with storm covers/awnings (awning poles not included).
Under canopy full zip down head and foot ventilation windows.
High capacity hand pump included.
Canvas swag bag with side grab handles.
Single inflation point.