The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy and Little Buddy are two great options for people who enjoy the great outdoors, and are very popular in the USA with hunters, fishermen and campers. They can also be used to heat garages and shed or other locations here a portable heating solution would be useful.

A lot of people worry that gas heaters , heaters using butane, propane or mixes of these gases can be dangerous to use. And, it is true that gas heaters can pose risks if they are not used correctly. It is very important to read and to follow the safety instructions that come with the heaters and to always ensure that sufficient ventilation is in place wherever you are using the heaters. However, in terms of safety, the Mr.Heater products are amongst the safest portable gas heaters that are available and have a number of advanced safety features.

With both of these heaters you can screw on a propane or propane/butane mix tank and have instant heat in a few seconds. The Portable buddy is the larger and more powerful of the heaters and can heat an enclosed area as big as 20 meters squared.

In Europe the heaters are supplied by GBP and come with a range of different adapters that allow for the heaters to be attached to whichever tank/cartridge type is the most common in a number of European Countries.

The ‘Little Buddy’ is Perfect for Tents and Light to Carry

Two of the most common fears about gas heaters, are the levels of oxygen in the room where the heater is being used , and also the fear of a heater tipping over and perhaps causing a fire.

Both the Portable Buddy and the Little Buddy come with low oxygen cut off systems, where sensors measure the level of oxygen in the space, and will automatically shut down the heater if these measurements fall below a certain level. In addition both of the heaters have a tip over sensor that will also shut off the heater if they fall over or tilt beyond a certain angle (approximately 45 degrees). We found both of the heaters easy to light using their built in ignition systems. For the Little Buddy, you need to hold the button in for about 60-90 seconds before igniting, but this works reliably every time. The heaters are silent and dont’ smell at all. We recently used them in very cold weather and both heaters filled our Tepee with warmth (tested one at a time of course) , to the point we had to turn each them off  periodically  because it was getting to be  almost too warm.

As the Mr. Heater range is now compliant with European standards, the “LITLLE BUDDY” and “PORTABLE BUDDY” are finally available in Europe and thus begins a new stage in the development of the brand internationally. These heating products, known and recognized across the world, have all the necessary safety features, and now work in bi-carburetion, on disposable butane / isobutane cartridges, small propane bottles and, for the “PORTABLE BUDDY”, on all types of LPG bottles. These fuels are commercially available everywhere in Europe.
GBP -Gas Business Partners- in France are currently seeking distributors for these products in the UK and across Europe.

For more information on purchasing a Mr.Heater Portable heater, you can contact:

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Interested in Becoming a Distributor for Mr.Heater Products? GBP-FR ARE SEEKING DISTRIBUTORS FOR MR.HEATER PRODUCTS IN THE UK AND EUROPE PLEASE CONTACT : [email protected]