Getting yourself out of a hole – self recovery – with traction recovery devices.

images_1p1120423Sometimes you may be travelling on your own and it may be necessary to be self sufficient and to be capable of recovering your own vehicle without outside assistance. Of course if you think you are going across extremely inhospitable terrain, you should consider having a winch attached to your vehicle, but in general on most occasions, it may be possible to extract yourself from a situation with the use of some simpler but still highly effective recovery kit.

If you have become stuck in a location, the first thing to do is to ensure that the vehicle is not bottomed out, and to try to dig a cavity out underneath the vehicle so that friction or suction does not hamper your efforts to get moving again.

Again, If your wheels have spun and dug down into the sand , mud or snow, , you will need to clear it away from them. You could use a shovel or spade for this , or if you are lucky enough to have some specific equipment like Recovery TRED’s from TRED4x4, you can use the TRED’s shovel feature to clear sand away from around the tyres (make sure you use the correct end of the TREDs- they have indicators pointing to the shovel end.)

1dd2636932When you have cleared out some space you can wedge the TRED’s under your wheels to give the vehicle some traction on the loose surface. The Treds have raised pegs which are designed to give a good grip with many different types of tyre treads, when your vehicle gets a grip it will pull the treds down under the tyres and give you some forward momentum which will help you get out of the depressions you were stuck in.

These Treds are a high tech version of a category of product known as sand ladders, however we highly recommend TREDs as we have found them to be much more effective than the more traditional products in this area. TREDs are manufactured from extremely tough and high quality plastic, and come with a lifetime warranty. The TREDs come in a variety of sizes and colours and will shortly be available all across the globe.