Coffee on the road – coffee while camping.
Just because you are camping does not mean that you should be denied a good brew of coffee first thing in the morning. There is something very special about getting out of your tent after the sun has come up and preparing a nice cup of coffee as you take in your surroundings.

Coffee lovers don’t do instant coffee very well and thanks to a variety of products now on the market we can now brew and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while sitting around the morning campfire. Let’s have a look at a couple of options

Berghoff coffee/expresso maker is a stylish .24 litre stainless steel coffee makers that will make that perfect coffee when on the road. Sold by Q-Adventure this piece of camping kit is a luxury and will certainly impress coffee lovers. The high quality stainless steel will keep your espresso warm for an extended period.

This is also a great way to make a rich espresso in just a couple of minutes. It works according to the principle of passing hot water that’s pressurized by steam through ground coffee. They say that a Classic Espresso improves with time and for campers who are on the road, this product will definitely last a lifetime.

Expresso Cups
These are classy , double-walled, stainless steel cups that delivers a piping hot shot of espresso coffee while not burning your lips. Made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel polished finish for a classic, rugged look. A cup holds up to 1.75 oz of liquid and makes a perfect accessory that goes hand and hand with the stylish Berghoff Espresso maker. Check it out here.

The Petromax Percolator is a very stylish piece of kit, made of stainless steel,itWW allows you to prepare aromatic coffee or tea with a unique aroma. No matter if it is hung over the fire with the practical handle or used classically at home on the electric or gas stove – the stainless steel Petromax is the perfect jug for making that perfect coffee.

The percolator principle for making a perfect coffee is when the water is boiling in the pot it rises through a small tube and then flows through the coffee powder or the tea leaves downward into the Percolator. There, it mixes with the water and rises again. The longer the mixture circulates that way, the more aromatic is the result. Through the glass knob on the lid of the pot the preparation process can be watched.

The Petromax percolator has a classy design, but it is also very practical , well made and durable. It is the ideal complement for tea and coffee lovers no matter whether for outdoors or indoors.  Check it out here.



With so many camping stove solutions on the market picking the one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. For us having used various stoves to brew coffee in the past the Jetboil system and its a French press has is definately the quickest way to make a coffee.

We have had one of the earlier models for nearly 10 years and it is still going strong,It’s basically a gas canister stove that attaches to a 1-litre container with a handle and a French press that will allow you to boil water for your coffee fairly quickly. The stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your cup and includes both Sumo and Minimo compatible rods.

We have predominantly used the Jetboil stove for making coffee in the morning but we have also used it for making soups and heating other foods. The Jetboil is hard-wearing, light, boils water fast and can be easily packed away. Overall it’s a great bit of camping kit.


We have been using our Kelly Kettles on all of our camping trips in recent times and have become huge fans. One of the real advantages of using these environmentally friendly products includes not having to purchase camping fuel when on the road for a short trip.The Kelly kettle does not percolate coffee but it does boil water very quickly allowing you to add some instant coffee or putting the coffee through a coffee filter.

Firstly, fill your Kelly Kettle with water, making sure to leave the orange rubber stopper out of the spout at this stage, then start a small ember in the base provided with the kettle and place your Kelly Kettle on the base. Add twigs and natural fuel through the hollow centre of the kettle, when the fire takes off you can then add larger bits of wood and fuel through the hollow. Your water will be boiled in a couple of minutes, simple as that.


Similar to the Kelly Kettle this does not percolate coffee but it does look the business sitting on an open fire. It’s basically a billy where you add cold water and put over an open fire to boil your water for your morning coffee just like the cowboys did and still do in some countries. Coffee on the road – coffee while camping