I have to say I love an organised kitchen and one of my bugbears when camping is not being able to find utensils etc when I need them as they are packed away in a box in the back of the vehicle or some other random place particularly if you have kids that love to help out.

Then along comes the DARCHE Stowaway Camp Kitchen. It’s just what the doctor ordered, lots of space to hang your utensils around your workspace or store in boxes in the shelves below. The great thing about it for me is that everything is at arms reach and everything has its place.

Previously, during our camping trips we prepared our food on a pull out bench on the side of our vehicle and utensils & cutlery were kept in separate boxes and stored in a separate camp cupboard. This works fine but by the end of the camping trip, utensils went missing, stored in the wrong places, it was only when packing away we’d find the bottle opener we searched high up low down for during the trip.

The DARCHE Stowaway Camp Kitchen has solved this issue for us. You can store everything on display where it’s easily reachable and easily found when needed.

We’ve been cooking outdoors a lot lately, in the back garden of course, and have been testing out the DARCHE Camp Kitchen. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and comes with workspace, shelving, hooks for utensils and even the kitchen sink! It’s a great height, perfect for both adults and little ones who like to lend a hand.

Using the sink to catch vegetable peelings

We set up our camp stove on the neat shelf attached to the side of the kitchen, allowing us to prepare the food on the workspace and literally toss straight into the pan.

Lots of space to store your utensils

Dirty utensils/pans etc can be put in the basin ready for washing when your meal is cooked and rubbish can be stored in the mesh storage basket attached to the side.

Everything is within easy reach and the design is well thought out

It even comes with a lamp holder to give your workspace light at night if needed. The whole thing folds down flat and is packed in a neat bag, easy to carry and store in your 4×4. The DARCHE Camp Kitchen will definitely be coming with us on our next camping trip and many more after.

Features & Specifications

Make meals a breeze with the Stowaway Camp Kitchen. Tough and lightweight, it lets you prep everything in one spot and gives you plenty of room for cookware and utensils. Excellent working height means no more sore backs! While washing and cleaning up is easy with the integrated sink and dish racks.

Integrated plastic sink bucket
Pull out tea towel holder
Foldable camp kitchen ideal for the family
Built-in hooks ideal for hanging utensils
Attachable light pole with hook
Hardwearing aluminum top
2x wire baskets included with height adjustment options
Mesh storage basket or rubbish bin
Open Dimensions: 1650mm L x 1320mm H x 500mm W (Bench Height 820mm)
Packed Dimensions: 1030mm L x 150mm W x 530mm H
Weight: 13.1kg

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