Portable Powerpacks. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of setting up camp in a very remote location and getting away from it all.With more people in recent years embracing the great outdoors and going camping we are now seeing an increase in the demand for new and innovative products that can provide you with remote power to keep all your gadgets charged.

With this trend and demand in the marketplace Portable Power Technology have designed and developed a complete range of portable power products that are making waves in the market. Not all of us have built in dual batteries systems in our vehicles to provide power needed to operate our camping accessories but that does not mean that you can’t have a portable power solution that does a similar job to a dual battery system built into your vehicle or motor home.

Portable power packs can provide auxiliary power for suitable for off grid camping with a number of these new powerpacks now having ports where they can be recharged using solar panels or by using a 12V DC-DC car charger adaptors.

They pretty much now do the same job as many in built dual battery systems allowing you to run camping accessories and not worrying about not being able to charge your mobile phone or your camera when off the beaten track and camped up for a couple of days.

Many of the new portable battery packs are also being designed to cater for the boating leisure industry allowing leisure fishermen to also have onboard power for this weekend fishing trips. From a camping perspective when you get used to having remote power from a powerpack it becomes very hard to leave home without one, simple things like being able to run lights that will light up your campsite to charging accessories like cameras etc have huge benefits.

To help those in need of power and light across the camping world, the UK based Portable Power Technology have been providing innovative electricity solutions for over 15 years. The Portable Power Technology products and technologies bring clean, quiet and renewable DC and AC electricity where it is unstable and unavailable.These innovative power solutions are designed to be portable for outdoor adventurers, campers, recreational and commercial vehicles and for people requiring power on the move.

Utilising leading battery technology these new power packs deliver highly portable AC and DC power, they are solar rechargeable and can provide additional lighting like the using the very impressive Niwa USB lights. With 465 watt hour of energy on-tap the PPT Powerpack 300+ can power TV’s, computers, lights, radio, fans and small fridges.

We have been using the Li-ion Powerpack 300+ over the last few weeks and have been very impressed with its design and capabilities. Given the PPT powerpack 300 power capabilities this unit is surprisingly compact and lightweight. This all-in-one Li-ion Powerpack 300+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it.It is perfect for camping, off grid outdoor activities, cabins, garages, market stalls and for backup during a power cut.

The reason why the Powerpack 300+ is so small and powerful is because it uses a Lithium-Ion battery, these new batteries are much smaller than the larger and more cumbersome leisure batteries yet in this unit they provide an impressive 465 Watt hour of energy capacity in a unit weighing just 3.7Kg. Developed exclusively by PPT using their extensive knowledge in power inverter design. The clean pure sine wave 230V inverter will easily power all your AC appliances and loads up to 300 watts examples include, TV’s, laptops, computers, surveillance cameras, fridges, lights, and small pumps.

The neat integrated transfer switch makes it an ideal power back up solution as well, automatically transferring from grid to internal battery in only a few milliseconds meaning no interruption to critical power when required.

Before heading off on your next camping trip this unit can be easily and safely charged from the wall using the internal 7A charger the Powerpack 300+ is also solar ready. Just connect a compatible solar panel using the supplied accessory cable and recharge up to 350W or 20A of solar power without any need for an external solar controller.

Last but not least the unit has two three pin plug sockets, two USB ports for charging or powering mobile devices and a integral 2W LED lamp. PPT also offer a 110V output version for industrial applications and options for metal housing and/or waterproof rugged casing.

The benefits of having one of these units on board are:

Portable energy that’s quiet and efficient with a class leading 126 W per Kg

Clean pure sinewave inverter output (230V) powers loads up to 300W

UPS function provides automatic transfer of load to battery without interruption during a power-cut

Integrated 7A AC charger makes it safe and easy use Solar charging compatible that lets you plug in up to 350W of solar without external controller

USB ports for mobile charging and powering USB devices

Integral super bright 2W LED lamp
Accessories : AC mains lead, solar input charging cable/adapter

With off the shelf and packaged battery, power inverter and solar panel systems, Portable Power Technology can offer a cost-effective lighting and power solution for all off grid and remote backup power applications.

Overall we were very impressed with the power you get from the Lithium-Ion battery, this unit packs a serious punch for its size.

The other benefits of this portable system is that unlike your built in dual battery system you can move the power pack to where your vehicle can’t go, for example you might want to set up camp closer to a river or amongst some trees and obstacles may prevent you from parking your vehicle right beside your camp of choice , no drama just pick up your 300 + power pack and carry it to your camping spot of choice and enjoy all the comforts of pre stored portable power.


Input Voltage (AC charging) : 230V
Input Voltage (Solar Charging) : 17.5V @ Max 20A
Output Voltage (Inverter) : 230V 50Hz Pure Sine Wave
Output Power (Inverter) : 300W (continuous) 500W (5 minutes)
USB Output : 2 x 5V @ 2.1A total
Dimensions : 340 x 185 x 60mm
Battery Capacity : 11.1V @ 42Ah (466 Watt Hour)
Weight : 3.7Kg
Warranty : 1 year

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