Exploring some secret hideaways- two unique European destinations Glendoria , the Ponds of Dobcice


Glendoria is a Lodge and Glamping site close to the Masurian Lake District in Poland. This is the place to get away from it all. If you are looking for some peace and quiet in an idyllic spot somewhere in the middle of Europe, this is it. The owners aim to create a time machine for their visitors, by trying to create a “a pre-war atmosphere of holidays in the countryside, to breathe new life into forgotten equipment and utensils, to care about the form and content of the 20s.”

The light of a campfire , the fresh smell of the forests, and lots of uninhabited nature all come together to help visitors to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.

At Glendoria you can stay in a luxury ‘apartment’ or a quirky and glamorous tent. Amongst all of this nature there are also some very modern luxuries, such as a swimming pool with heated floor, private beach and spa.

If you stay in a building you will be surrounded by unforgettable interiors , all of the rooms are located in an original building dating from 1924, made of wood and bricks. All Glendoria buildings have the characteristic features of architecture of the Masurian Lake District from the early 20th century. They are picturesque, very atmospheric and overgrown with lush plants.

The Glamping tents/rooms are also located within the household area – at the edge of the area, on the hills, with wonderful view of the the forest. The tents, or ‘tented rooms’ are full of hand-made natural furniture and bathrooms made from 100-year old boards. You can relax in the shade on a hammock hung on a spacious veranda and enjoy the unforgettable view of the surrounding sea of green.

Glendoria is located right at the edge of the forest, on a 50-hectare private area amongst hills, meadows and pastures. The property is surrounded by a forest on one side and, on the other side, is bordered by a lake. The nearest village with shops is located about 1 km from the site.

For those who looking for even more time or space to themselves, the owners have also created a few comfortable locations – benches, hammocks, and sofas scattered around the site; they can also be used as observation points for observing cranes, herons, storks, ravens and hawks.

This is a beautiful and comfortable oasis, during the day and at night, the sky fills with stars.



Camping over water in Southern Bohemia
This is a wonderful small resort in the south of the Czech Republic, surrounded by the bountiful nature of lower Šumava and close to the picturesque villages of Dobcice, Lipanovice and Holašovice.

This unique resort comprises five small cabins each located over its own small pond. The cabins are built over oak piles and are completely surrounded by water. Each cabin also possesses its own spacious pier and comes with a boat to allow you to explore and to fish from the pond.

The cabins were designed to mesh with the natural environment, and leave only a small footprint there. There is no electricity, and heating and hot water are provided by wood burning stove. The showers are powered by a hand pump within the cabins and the water for the shower comes directly from the ponds. The cabins also have access to a dry composting toilet not far from the ponds.

The cabins have solar lamps and hand lanterns for lighting. The hosts provide welcome drinks all bed clothes, bath and body care toiletries, drinking water, firewood and fishing equipment.The cabins all also possess a large fireplace with a grill.

There are 5 cabins, ‘Madlenka’, a two storey structure with a capacity of 5 people.
‘Verunka’ one floor studio accommodation with a capacity of 2 people. ‘Amálka’ with a capacity of 2 people. The Floating bungalow ‘Sofinka’ is in a secluded location with magnificent viewsin a secluded location with magnificent views. Fishing is permitted on the pond, and guests are allowed to keep their catch and cook it on the grill – fish in the pond include rainbow trout and brook trout. Sofinka houseboat can also be moved and anchored anywhere on the pond allowing it to follow the the sun throughout the day.

The site also contains a wooden Tipi which is located inside one-hectare safari park with animals including lamas on one side with a four meter high terrace above the pond where the trout fishing is particularly good.

The tipi has a capacity of four and an extra bed can also be added. The interior is made in the shape of an equilateral hexagon and is lined with untreated larch wood so it has intense natural smell. The ceiling extends to a skylight so that there is always enough daylight. The Kitchenette, shower and seating is adapted to symmetrical shape of the interior.
Outside there is more seating and a grill, a fireplace and a Native American totem complements this unique experience in the heart of nature.

The hosts offer guests either breakfast or half board with the stay. And if you are going on a trip, they will prepare a snack or picnic basket for you.
Dinners are hosted in a local restaurant in the village of Holašovice (UNESCO) which is just 2 km from bungalows.It is also possible to order in-room dining service.

Breakfast, which contains only the finest ingredients from local resources is delivered every morning to your bungalow.


Exploring some secret hideaways- two unique European destinations Glendoria , the Ponds of Dobcice