Scotland Overland hire expedition-equipped Land Rovers for touring Scotland. The vehicles include roof tents and all the equipment needed for up to 4 people to explore and camp in the wildest parts of Scotland.

Camping in the SnowThe hired expedition Land Rovers enable access to places that ordinary campervans can’t go, allowing you to set up camp anywhere; on the beach or deep in the forest. The roof tents allow you to set camp in under 5 minutes and provide comfortable accommodation with a view. Everything needed for wild camping is included:all you need to do is  just turn up with your toothbrush and away you go! Whether it’s mountain climbing, history dating back to the Stone Age, golfing on the world’s original courses, fishing for salmon, dancing a ceilidh, or sampling the world’s finest whiskies, there’s something here for you.

Scotland Overland also  help you with your tour planning,and propose broad itineraries The Central Highlands forms the principle basic tour – starting and finishing in Edinburgh – and the other loops can be added and linked as desired and as your time allows.

Scotland is a relatively small country, and you could see a large part of it in a fortnight.  Though that’s not to suggest you’ll know all about Scotland in that time.  That takes much, much longer!

Scotland Overlands busiest period is the peak tourist months of July and August, when demand for the Land Rovers is high.  But we particularly The Needle - Scotland

recommend the spring and autumn months of April, May, June, September and October.  In spring the days are getting longer and the midges have yet to emerge, whilst in autumn you can enjoy the fantastic colours of the trees and beautiful evening sunsets.  And you’re even more likely to have the place to yourself.Camping in the winter months is for the brave, but may prove good training for your next polar expedition!

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