Solar Lighting – on the road portable solar power panels. There are a number of ways to light up your camp without needing to be close to a mains/electricity supply.Examples include plugging your strip lighting into your built in vehicle Dual Battery system like the REDARC BCDC dual battery system that was featured in ISSUE 2 or connecting your portable lighting to a portable power pack like the Portable Power Technology Lithion 300.

But if you do not want to invest in these options and you are just looking for a cheaper solution that will provide good quality lighting at your camp for a couple of days well here’s a good way of doing it.Portable Power Technology are very excited to introduce an exclusive, unique and innovative product from market leader Niwa that will fulfill your camp lighting needs.

The Home 200 X2 is Niwa’s Starter System will introduce you into the world of Modular Solar Systems (MSS). With 2x ceiling lamps the system offers off grid energy independence.

Each lamp offers impressive 100 Lumen brightness which brings total system brightness to 200 Lumen, more than enough to light up your off grid campsite.

All lamps are water and dust proof, the lamps can also be individually dimmed (3x Light Modes for each Lamp) according to need and area required to light up. Dimming is controlled conveniently using a switch for each lamp. Each lamp has 3x lighting modes and if both are in use the lights can be used for up to 20 hours yes that’s a couple of nights camping, how cool is that.

The LiFePO4 3000mAh battery built into the system has a huge life cycle of more than 5 years and can also be used to charge smartphones, tablets and all devices via USB,in other words the unit battery also operates as a charger.

This is a very useful system for campers that provides lighting and charging solutions that does not cost an arm and leg.It is the perfect starter kit for campers who want to get off grid and explore the benefits of using a solar powered unit as an energy source.


Our experience from using the unit was that when the light switch was on low dim we had enough light to brighten up your campsite for hours on end. The added option of adding more batteries to the system is very innovative and offers you you plenty of additional pre charged power.

Each lamp offers an impressive 100 Lumens brightness. The lamps are water and dust proof You have a choice of 3 light modes
The solar panel is small and effective allowing you to charge your system during the day when the system is not in use. This is a strong and rugged product with water and dust proof lamps very suitable for camping and an outdoor environment.The added option of being able to charge some of your accessories from the unit makes an effective lighting system into a very useful camping accessory. These are well made strong durable lights that look like they could take some abuse in the great outdoors. On the down side the lamps are a bit big in comparison to strip lighting.
Overall the Home 200 X2 is Niwa’s Starter System is a great way to get your camp lit up on those dark nights and with the solar panel and charging facility this is the perfect off grid solution for anyone interested in getting off the beaten track. In our opinion any unit that does not require disposable batteries for power is definitely the way to go from both an environmentally friendly perspective but also from a cost saving perspective in the long term.This lighting and power charging system pretty much ticks all the boxes and comes highly recommended from the TURAS team. Solar Lighting – on the road portable solar power panels

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