Did you know that the bumper first appeared on a vehicle as far back as 1897. Invented by an American called George Albert Lyon. He also developed a metal tyre cover for spare wheels in the 1930s, produced plastic and metal white walls, stainless wheel-trim rings and stainless steel wheel covers. The first bumper designed to absorb impacts appeared in 1901,it was made of rubber and was patented back in 1905, things sure have come a long way since then.

We have bitten the bullet and are going to add a winch to 90, for years we have avoided putting a winch on as we were not keen about adding a big winch bumper to the front of the vehicle, mainly because of the extra weight. Also we avoided attaching a steel frame bumper because we did not like the look of a lot of the Defender winch bumpers that were on the market.

We also have got by without having a winch for years,though in recent times we have found ourselves in a bit of bother on more than one occasion and truth be known life would have been a hell of a lot easier if we had a winch on board. A Lot of this really comes down to what you use your vehicle for, some people get all dressed up and nowhere to go. One of the main reasons why we went with the Bearmach Tubular A Frame Winch Bumper was because it was not too aggressive looking and in fact, looks great.The one on the Landy is the non air conditioned model, you can also get a version that suits air conditioned Defenders, if you are not sure give Bearmach a shout and they will set you straight. But there are also a number of other reasons why a bumper is a good addition to your vehicle and some of these include.First of all, a bumper allows you to install a winch, also bumpers prevent damage to the front of your vehicle in low speed crashes.

If you live in a country where you have plenty of wildlife e.g. on the continent of Africa or in Australia where Kangaroos can be a real hazard in the outback , a strong bumper is a necessity. Bumpers are also handy for attaching extra after-market lights or a CB aerial for communications, they also can be used to attach a flag or flag pole should you need to claim your territory by flying your skull and crossbones flag at your favourite campsite.

All up, we think this Bearmach Tubular bumper just happens to look awesome and brings a little smile to our faces, we love it.