A couple of issues back we had a look and ways to prevent your pride and joy from being stolen and how modern technology with apps for your phone have helped in protecting your vehicle from thieves. Sadly the trend in vehicle theft in many countries doesn’t look to be decreasing anytime soon, and worse still, high amongst the most desirable vehicles for the highly organised gangs that steal many of these vehicles to order and then ship them abroad are Land Rover Defenders and other kitted out 4×4 vehicles that we use and love.

So what can you do to stop your vehicle from being robbed? Well as highlighted new tracker technologies are helping us monitor our vehicles by using apps that can for example send us an alarm in the middle of the night should the engine be turned on or if your vehicle starts to move, alarm bells are raised. But not every thief wants the hassle of trying to steal your vehicle outright with many happy with just breaking into it and taking any valuables inside.

It only takes a thief a couple of seconds to break the glass in your vehicle and take its contents.For us this is always a concern as we are nearly always carrying expensive camera equipment, the same of course applies to tradies who carry expensive tools or for those of us who carry expensive camping gear etc. So what deterrents can we use, well first of all having an alarm on your vehicle is a help but this will not guarantee that a thief will be deterred by this given they can pretty much be gone with your contents literally in a couple of seconds after they get what they want, with the chance of being caught is pretty low.

1. Instructions are supplied with the kit.

2. Textured black powder coat finish on all parts.

3. All guards are easily attached to your windows.

But there are other ways to increase the security of your vehicle and these are in the form of window guards.
We recently installed the Mobile Storage Systems Defender Window Guards on the 90 and since completing this job it has given us added peace of mind when leaving the Defender with all of our gear in it unattended All of our guards are manufactured from heavy-duty non-rusting material and finished in a textured black powder coating.

They are designed to be fitted internally and pick up on existing mounting points where possible on the body frame. The smaller of the Guards on the rear door pick up on existing mounting points under the plastic trim.All guards come with instructions and fitting kits and are supplied with the necessary brackets & fixings required for fitting at home. The design also allows you to replace the plastic trim in the vehicle once fitted if required.

They have an offset rectangular patterned design which doesn’t only allow a lot of light to gain entry to the vehicle but also doesn’t hamper looking out of the windows that much either. nicely. Unlike many other Land Rover Window Guards, the Mobile Storage Systems’ Guards are installed into the interior of the vehicle. This ensures that they can’t be easily taken off if someone, unwanted, was trying to gain entry. Interior installation also means that there is no exterior drilling to be done to your vehicle on installation. When installed you are still able to open and close your windows with ease as the guards do not obstruct their use. We are also using some of the guards as a platform to place some MOLLE bags, the modular lightweight load-carrying equipment” works perfectly well with the guards and they double up as a guard to keep the thieves out but also a way to easily access items stored in the MOLLE bags.

For additional storage you can also hang elasticated nets, bungees and more off the guards. Mobile Storage Systems offer a wide range of innovative storage solutions including drawer systems that are finished to a very high standard. All of their products provide the strength, durability, and practicality that customers are looking for when kitting out their vehicles.They are also proud to boast that all of their products have been designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom.

With demand on the rise, this innovative company has been extending its range of products to provide quality secure storage and security systems for other makes of 4X4’s. As part of the TURAS land Rover build we are delighted to have partnered with Mobiles Storage Systems and adding some of their awesome products to the TURAS Land Rover build.

Window Guard Features

Manufactured from heavy-duty non-rusting material.
Textured black powder coat finish.
Fits internally to your vehicle.
Uses existing mounting points.
Can still open windows.
No exterior drilling needed.