As part of the Land Rover build and following advice and guidance from euro4x4parts we finally installed the Air-adjustable Air Lift 1000™ air springs. They are engineered for rear and/or front coil-spring suspensions. Given that we carry plenty of weight in the back of the vehicle and a Roof Top Tent we installed to airbags in the rear of the Landy. Providing up to 1,000 lbs. of load-levelling capacity*, Air Lift’s air bag kits provide greater safety and comfort when you’re carrying a heavy load.

Supplied by euro4x4parts,each kit includes everything you need to install the system, usually in around 2 hours or less. The install is pretty straightforward and we will be uploading a video on the install over the coming weeks. Be sure to follow the instructions provided. A couple of things that stood out for us include the following. Remove the black cap and roll the cylinder up toward the stem end to exhaust as much air as possible. Install the black cap back onto the stem, unroll the cylinder and fold the cylinder into a hot dog bun shape. Then install the protector at the bottom of the spring in between the cylinder and lower spring mount. As per the Air Lift 1000 instruction manual,a tee air line installation is recommended unless the weight in the vehicle varies from one side to the other and unequal pressures are needed to level the load or compensate for axle torque transfer in racing application.

Dual airlines are used in this case. When aligning the hoses be careful to prevent air line from melting, keep it at least 8” from the exhaust system. Also leave sufficient air line slack to prevent any strain on fitting during axle motions. You will need to decide where you want the inflation valve to be located, some choose the side of the vehicle, for us we located it on the back cross-member. Inflate the air springs to 30 PSI and check all connections for leaks. All leaks must be eliminated before the vehicle is road tested.This has been a perfect suspension solution for us on the Defender that now gives us a lot more balance when loaded up on the road.