img_4810Portable fridge Freezers. As keen campers who spend a fair bit of time outdoors we have in recent years become big fans of portable fridge freezers. There’s nothing quite like pulling into your camp, getting the fire going and taking a cold beer from your fridge freezer. Portable dual fridge freezers now allow you to separate your frozen food with your drinks etc. With the addition of a dual battery system or a portable battery power pack you can now literally stay at your favorite camping spot and have the fridge running for a couple of days and not worry about draining your vehicle’s battery. Portable fridge freezers don’t come cheap and are not really necessary for short 1-2 day trips, but if you are heading off for a week or two they really are a great product to have in the back of your vehicle. If you are in the market for one you should consider the size of the unit, whether it has removable baskets, the power draw (they do vary amongst products on the market), also if you are going off road you should make sure that your unit has tie down points to prevent the unit from moving around, nothing worse that broken eggs in the bottom of your fridge freezer.

We have been using the Waeco CFX-65 DZ over the last couple of months. This large fridge freezer has a large storage capacity is  powerful and very img_0667efficient. The interesting thing about this fridge freezer is that you have both a fridge and a separate freezer compartment allowing you to separate the foods that you want to freeze and the ones including drinks that you just want to keep cool. The unit is well made and more than capable of handling off grid trips in your 4WD and when on the road. The fridge freezer is also well insulated with a 10 mm thick lid that ensure your food and drinks  are always kept cold. The unit is also simple to operate with an easy to read control panel that lights up when the fridge is turned on. The fridge freezer is also easy to access with a well made  lid that opens and closes with ease allowing you to easily get those supplies from the back of your vehicle.

The real attraction of the  CFX-65 DZ is its size,its dual fridge and freezer purpose and its well designed internal space.There’s plenty of room inside with three compartments that include  a freezer, fridge and small dairy compartment The interior LED light that comes on automatically when you open the lid makes finding essential supplies at night easy. With 61 L of storage, it’s big enough to fit large bottles upright, and store up to  60 cans of soft drinks.The freezer on its own has a 19L capacity while the fridge has a very generous 42 L capacity allowing you to carry plenty of food on your next trip without stopping for supplies. Verdict Having a fridge freezer in your vehicle is a real bonus and one of those products that when you get used to using it and enjoying their benefits it’s hard not to go camping and touring without one. The  WAECO CFX-65 DZ allows you to bring frozen foods like meats and fish when on the road or off the beaten track and means you wont have to worry about doing detours to find a supermarket to stock up on diminishing supplies.Having a fridge freezer on board allows you to stay at your favorite remote campsite with the comfort that you will have enough food on board to last for a couple of days. On the down the side the 61 litre fridge freezer can take up precious space in your vehicle particularly if you are driving a short wheel base, though smaller units can be purchased. Also you will need to install a dual battery system in your vehicle or have a portable power pack on board to power the unit when your vehicle is switched off.Overall this is a great product to have when touring and camping.

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