Elsewhere in Issue 17, we have a feature on a new re-build of the TURAS Land Rover Defender 90. Working with a number of companies, we will bring this aging 18-year-old vehicle back into top condition and ready to take on another 18 years of work and exploration.

Some of the original parts that have not weathered well and are in need of replacement are the hinges and window blocks.

Most Defenders eventually suffer badly damaged or badly rusted hinges, on the doors and bonnets of the vehicles, being the workhorse that it usually is the normal hinges on a Defender are continually under strain and, unfortunately, the original vehicle hinges are not up to the task. Luckily, one of our brand partners, the Offroad Monkeys, headed up by Fabien Muller, specialise in the manufacture of top quality replacement parts for the Land Rover Defender, including hinges and window blocks.

The range of parts available from the Monkeys includes hinges for all of the doors,tailgates, and the bonnet, replacement mirror arms, replacement window frame holder and replacement window frame holders with built in LED lights ( With Offroad Monkey’s new window blocks, 2 powerful low beam headlights with 2 power LEDs (each 8 watts) can be also mounted. The cables are laid invisibly into the interior without having to drill additional holes), replacement sliding window covers, fuel caps and interior door handles, spacers for raising Chassis, Hardened brake pistons and more.

These parts have all been designed and built by the team at Offroad Monkeys using superior materials, are precision built and are 100% made in Germany. In addition as a small, agile company with its own manufacturing and engineering capabilities and facilities , the Offroad Monkey can also produce custom parts for its customers. Fabian and the team at Offroad Monkeys pride themselves on the quality of the products, and the company’s stated mission is to make an already great vehicle, the Land Rover Defender, even greater.

You can check out the entire range of products on its website at www.offroad-monkeys.de