Bravo Snorkel continues to innovate in the design and development of its snorkel kits, prioritizing the design manufacture and launch of new models as the snorkel market continues to evolve.

The new Bravo Snorkel corporate website is now available, especially geared towards its distributors and customers, with detailed information about the range of products that Bravo Snorkel Manufacture.

On the Bravo Snorkel website you can learn about the company’s R&D, manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as see in detail the quality of each of its product components.
Customers are also be able to purchase any of the products through the same website, where products are sold and shipped internationally.


Bravo Snorkel has just introduced the Jeep Wrangler JL and JT kit, is an innovative air intake concept.

This snorkel is interchangeable with the standard version and will allow the front windshield to be folded down, changing this configuration can also be done very quickly taking only 5 minutes to do.

Air enters through the side louvers built into the design,which helps to enhance the original wading ability and also to provide fresher, cleaner air.

The ducts and other elements of the kit are included, this being an extra for the SJJL kit and also offering high performance.


The new SFR8 kit for Ford Ranger PX from 2011 to the current model is scheduled to be launched on the market by the end of the year.

This new kit will be compatible with the new 2.0 turbo and biturbo engines, as well as the previous 2.2 and 3.2.

With this version it will not be necessary to drill the fin of the vehicle, since the snorkel will be installed using the original opening.



The kit for the Volkswagen Crafter and the Man TGE has also been developed based on feedback from and requests from customers.

The exterior lines follow the successful design featured in the VW T5 / T6 SVW6 kit, as well as the usual high standards of Bravo Snorkel brand-specific quality.



Bravo Snorkel has worked on the evolution of its SMST kit for the Mercedes Sprinter 907 to make it compatible with the 910 front-wheel drive versions.

This kit will go on sale with a configuration that can be installed on both models of the Sprinter.

Due to the large number of reservations received for this snorkel, any new order for this model will now ship in January 2021