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We are all stuck at home at the moment, due to the international  COVID-19 virus outbreak, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot be starting to think about and to plan our future adventures. This feature was written before the outbreak but we think it has some resonance with these strange times. And when the restrictions on our activities and on travel are lifted, we may prefer to take our holidays in less crowded environments. Higher Adventure UK specialises in hiring out fully kitted out Land Rover Defenders for camping and touring. Here is the feature:

Sometimes it’s nice to just get off the beaten track a little bit. While we all enjoy taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes our holiday experiences can also feel a little bit busy, maybe a little bit….crowded?

You often hear people say that camping is good for you, good for your health and good for your mind, and science supports this. But perhaps the idea of camping in a busy campsite or of hiking with a tent and with all of your necessities on your back to an idyllic remote location both sound quite like hard work.

Well 4WD touring and camping might be for you. 4WD Touring and camping can combine the ability to reach remote, uncrowded and hard to reach locations with the ability to carry lots of equipment which will make your camping experience that bit more comfortable. Perhaps you have never experienced camping in a roof tent, but it sounds interesting to you and you would like to learn more, and maybe see what it is like.

Alternatively maybe you don’t need to be convinced of the appeal and the pleasures of 4WD touring but you don’t have the time or the space to acquire and to store lots of bulky camping gear, and perhaps a 4WD does not make sense for you as a daily car. Well with Higher Adventure UK, both of these needs are addressed. Whether you want to dip your toe in the waters of 4WD touring before you commit to getting your own gear, or whether for a few days or weeks a year you would like to go touring using top quality camping equipment, Higher Adventure has got you covered.

You can hire out a fully overland equipped Land Rover Defender from the company. Chris at Higher Adventure can suggest some itineraries in the UK for you, or you can plan your own routes. Its vehicles are the three-door Defender 90 Station Wagon (for two people) and the five-door Defender 110 Utility (for up to five). They are high-spec XS models with rugged 2.2 Turbo Diesel engines, heated front seats, air-con, and heated windscreen.

The Defenders are comprehensively equipped, including top of the range Stealth roof tents from South African company Eezi Awn, Big Country drawer units, National Luna fridges, and Partner Steel stoves from the USA. And pretty much everything else – apart from bedding and food – that you need to go on your own adventure. You can hire the Defenders for periods from 3 days up to several weeks.

If you have never driven a Defender before, you are in for a treat! There is nothing like sitting high in the cabin, overlooking all the hedgerows, as you drive along seeing a lot more of your surroundings than are visible from most vehicles, taking your time and driving these wonderful, iconic vehicles over some rugged terrain. Enjoying the journey, the path less traveled, and the quiet destination. Adventure awaits…

Higher Adventure can provide a range of optional add-ons in addition to the core equipment

Nothing beats finding your own quiet part of the world as you explore in a Landrover Defender.