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Over the years we have become well aware that storage and preparation for camping trips can be a daunting task particularly when trying to decide what to bring, where to put it, and most importantly how to find it quickly when you need it in a hurry. For us, too many bad experiences have helped us fine-tune what we believe now makes our 4WD camping trips a much more enjoyable, comfortable and functional experience, though there is always room for improvement. Our storage solutions now basically incorporate using the high quality, dustproof and light Aluboxes along with the use of a storage drawer system in the back of the 90. In recent years, we have been using a homemade wooden drawer system, with sliders and marine carpet providing a protected cover.

As part of the TURAS Land Rover build we are delighted to say that we have upgraded to a kick-ass drawer system that also just happens to look the business. Now don’t get me wrong, the homemade drawer system did the job for a while, but after a few years, it just started to seize up and fall apart and needed to be replaced. So, after lots of research and eventually teaming up with the UK-based Mobile Storage Solutions we now have what we believe is the perfect solution that fits our needs.

Introducing the eye-catching Superline Drawer.

The Mobile Storage Systems Superline Drawer is fitted with extremely heavy-duty, full extension runners that are rated at 160kg. This means that these drawers have a smooth sliding system that are built to stand the test of time. Support beams are placed across the drawer allowing for heavy gear to be stored on top of the drawer without affecting the drawer’s functionality. Weighing in a 42Kg the Superline has also been designed with a reinforced drawer floor and this gives the drawer more rigidity, increasing its strength and reliability.The drawer is also installed with a high quality and very secure, SouthCo locking paddle latch. This can be key-a-liked to other products if necessary. Additionally, there are two holes where you can attach padlocks for added security and peace of mind. The offset includes a lockable ‘Space Saver Door’. This creates a very useful space beside the drawer as well as the drawer being able to fit up to the rear door and not interfere with the door mechanism. For us carrying lots of camera equipment on trips this gives extra security and peace of mind.

Installing the drawer system is a breeze with the standard drawer systems having pre-installed hexserts. This means that there are no more spinning bolts resulting in the drawer being able to be installed by just one person. The Mobile Storage Systems team can also customise your drawers, we went for the red and black colours which we think look the business.

Key features include; a strong MIG welded construction and full extension Accuride ball bearing runners, for more information on dimensions give the team at Mobile Storage Systems and they will give you some expert advice. We will report back in the next issue on how we are getting on with the new drawer system, one thing that is for sure is that it is certainly a huge improvement as to what was there in the past.

Established nearly twenty years ago Mobile Storage Systems has been a market leader in high quality, hand-built storage and security products for the Land Rover Defender and Discovery. Mobile Storage Systems offers a wide range of innovative systems that are all finished to a very high standard.