The recently launched high quality Petromax Fire Bridge provides the perfect outdoor kitchen for an open fire. Its basically a multi-functional cooking place which enables you, your friends and your family to cook, grill, barbecue and prepare your favourite camp food while keeping your dishes hot, all at the same time. Inspired by constructions of the early cowboys back in the day , the Petromax Fire Bridge allows you to safely suspend cast-iron pots, moulds, kettles ,percolators and much more over the open fire. The variable grilling grate provides sufficient space for meat, vegetable skewers to name but a few.

The Fire Bridge helps you keep your outdoor cooking space well organised. One of the key advantages is that it is mobile and can be neatly stored on your roof rack, in the back of your 4WD/touring vehicle or in your camper trailer. Like all Petromax products the Fire Bridge is a quality product made from a solid construction incorporating coated steel and with the clever eyelets the Fire Bridge is assembled and disassembled in no time and does not require the use of additional tools to erect. Four legs simply hold the stable crossbar at a height of 45.3 in, which provides for a suitable and adjustable space over your open campfire. The Fire Bridge also comes with three hooks of different length hold everything at the right distance over the fire. The Fire Bridge is designed to accommodate a range of Petromax Dutch Ovens, moulds, kettles and percolators to name but a few.

The Fire Bridge also comes with an adjustable grilling grate which is suspended on a chain A framing raised edge safely prevents pans and other Petromax cooking products from slipping off.

Following its recent release Petromax CEO Jonas Taureck said “We took cowboys as inspiration for the principle of the Fire Bridge, as they used to build such constructions back in the wild west. However, we adapted the traditional design to make it more modern and mobile. The Fire Bridge turns a simple fireplace into an extensive outdoor kitchen with many useful functions and yet it is easy to transport.

The Petromax Fire Bridge expands the culinary possibilities of open-air-cooking. While the delicious main dish is simmering in the Petromax Dutch Oven suspended over embers, the marinated vegetables are roasted on the grilling grate as appetisers. And, at the same time, a cake is prepared for dessert in a cast-iron mould held by a hook at perfect distance to the fire. Right next to it, coffee is freshly brewed in the Petromax Percolator.

The Fire Bridge is the perfect solution for cooking camp feasts for your friends and family, particularly if you are setting up camp for a couple of days. It is always the focal point for us when we set up camp where we all gather around it be it for an early morning coffee, lunch or for an evening camp feast that goes on well into the night. It is one of those products that you really get to see how useful it is the more times you use it. It also helps you to keep all of your cooking utensils and pots and pans in the one place, it really is a great outdoors kitchen. Its quick to set up and packs away quickly and can be stored neatly in your vehicle or camper trailer.

Technical Details

Material of Fire Bridge – Steel, powder-coated
Material of grilling grate – Steel, chrome-plated
Overall height of assembled Fire Bridge – 43.3 in
Overall weight – 35 lbs
Length of crossbar – 45.3 in
Length of feet – 44.5 in
Maximum length of chain for grilling grate – 25 in
Dimensions of grilling grate – 15.4 x 15.4 in
Length of hooks 5.3 in 7.9 in 13 in 16.9 in
Maximum load of Fire Bridge – 154 lbs (thats a big feast)