Go Anywhere in Comfort. Land Rover Canvas Hoods and Vehicle Trims.  Meet Exmoor Trim – the British company that’s producing authentic Series I seats and hoods to the same high standards of craftsmanship as the originals.

It’s 1946. World War II has ended and young designer Bert Gostling has just started his career at the Rover car company’s Solihull factory. One of his first jobs is to work on an experimental four-wheel drive vehicle based upon the US Jeep. Two years later that distinctive prototype with its central steering wheel would have evolved into the original Series I Land Rover.

The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Land Rover has forged an unrivalled reputation spanning over six decades. And so has the Gostling family. In fact the Gostlings’ success story mirrors Land Rover’s in an uncanny fashion. Bert grew up – he eventually became Land Rover’s Senior Design Engineer – married, and his son, Lew, eventually followed in his father’s footsteps through those famous factory gates in Lode Lane, Solihull.

Exmoor Trim manufactures and supplies a wide variety of products for the Land Rover range of vehicles. The Exmoor Trim brand has become known globally for quality and service. The product range is available direct online or through appointed distributors and their outlets around the globe.

Three Generations of working with Landrovers