Camping Spare Wheel Bag from Euro4x4Parts –  Bag Mounted on Spare Wheel.

A spare wheel bag attached to the rear of your 4WD is a great solution for storing gear that you wish to access quickly. The new euro4x4parts storage bag is designed to strap securely and quickly on the spare wheel of your 4X4 . These bags are Ideal for storing any rubbish you may have after a couple of days camping. They are also a great solution for storing muddy recovery straps including, snatch straps, tree trunk protectors and your muddy clothes and boots, basically anything that that is damp, dirty or smells. The euro4x4parts spare wheel bag is built from a tough waterproof PVC bag has an impressive storage capacity of 55 liters.

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Camping – Spare wheel bag
capacity: 55L – material: PVC – heavy duty – price per unit
60.00 € incl. VAT


With two additional side pockets the bag allows you to easily access additional bits and bobs when on the road. The bag easily fits on your rear spare wheel and can be quickly secured using the high quality straps, heavy duty plastic clips and velcro straps. The additional zipper prevents any gear, rubbish, boots or clothes from being displaced when hitting bumpy off road tracks. Whenever you find yourself having to recover another 4WD these bags are also perfect for quickly assessing your recover gear like snatch straps and tree trunk protectors.

These bags also incorporate some drain holes at the bottom of the bag which help when cleaning the bag. The euro4x4parts spare wheel bag is not just a solution for storing your rubbish, this stylish bag sits neatly and can be attached and taken off your spare wheel quickly.

It is the ideal solution for storing that dirty and wet gear and equipment that you don’t want in the back of your 4WD.The neat design holds an impressive amount of gear, is strong and will keep those bad smells on the outside of your truck.

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