There is no place like home.. except perhaps your Tembo 4×4 rooftop tent. Find a beautiful spot, set up your tent and within 5 minutes the room of your dreams is ready. Imagine having a comfortable private room in a variety of the most stunning, remote locations, the 5 billion star hotel.

The Tembo 4×4 rooftop tent has been produced to very high quality standards. It features strong waterproof canvas that allows for natural ventilation, high quality zippers and a comfortable mattress. The big windows give you an excellent view, while the mosquito nets keep the unwanted guests outside. The special ventilation system also gives you full control over the temperature inside the tent.

Tembo have we managed to improve the design of the classic Rooftop tent. The Tembo 4×4 Rooftop tent has lots of interior space,  is made of tough canvas fabric and has an excellent mattress. Due to the special ventilation and the double roof it stays cool and pleasant inside your tent even in warm weather, and conversely stays warmer in cold weather, in addition to having lots of windows which can be used for summer ventilation.

The Tembo 4×4 Rooftop Tent can be ordered in three sizes, 140 cm, 160 cm and 190 cm wide, and in two shapes, with or without overhang and optional Annex tent. the 140cm wide compact model is easy to unfold and pack.

For a little more luxury, the Tembo 4×4 Tourer with the overhang and dry entry is the way to go. If you want to do a holiday with the entire family, the 190cm model is for you. It has plenty of space and the optional Annex tent (for the Tourer versions only) gives a lot of comfort on longer stays.

These tough, high quality tents are a reliable accommodation in all types of adverse weather conditions and through continual dialogue and conversation with their customers.

Tembo are continually striving to improve their products, and they often sell all of the available tents very rapidly, so if you need one for your next trip you should let them know ASAP.

We have had the Tembo Roof Top tent and Annexxe with us on several trips in both very warm and sunny and very cold and extremely wet conditions and the tent has proven a very reliable and comfortable shelter.
The heavy canvas and rain cover keeps the tent cool and dark during the day, no more waking up with the sunrise as the sunlight wakes you (unless of course you have planned an early rise- in which case its back to an alarm clock).

In the sunshine if it gets too warm you can open some of the windows and allow for a cool breeze to flow though the tent.

A recent rainy trip, with persistent rain for nearly four days did not challenge the tent and we and all of our gear and bedclothes remained dry.

The annexxe also is exremely conveneient offering lots of additional protected space to store gear and to inhabit if the conditions are wet.
We really like the large extent of dry, enclosed and private space provdided for and the tough rubber floor also ensures that your gear stays dry and free from moisture sand and creepy crawlies, which is always a bonus.

It’s easy to see the quality of this tent, the attention to detail and the finish on all of the elements are all top class. We expect it to be very hardwearing and a reliable companion on many future trips and expeditions.