Its safe to say that one of the most vital pieces of equipment on any 4WD trip or expedition is a recovery kit. There are a wide range of kits available each of which has configurations for different kinds of requirements. The Weekender Recovery kit from ARB is a compact yet versatile kit, whose small size allows for it to be easily stowed underneath or behind a seat, and could be left permanently stored in your vehicle. Its recommended to use recovery straps with a recovery damper , for safety, dampers are available separately from ARB. The shackles in this kit are heavy duty, they should work well with most aftermarket recovery points (which is what you should be using).This is a useful little kit to always have to hand. A great bit of kit. You can learn more on the ARB website.

Choosing a recovery kit amongst the myriad of equipment available these days can be both time consuming and confusing. To help simplify the process, the ARB Weekender Recovery Kit brings together components for snatch recovery, including a cotton canvas bag, an 8000kg snatch strap, two 4.75T bow shackles, and a pair of gloves.