Camper Trailers – In Europe we are definitely starting to see an increase in the number of people interested in off grid touring and this is evident in the increase in sales of roof top tents and over landing camping equipment. Another good indicator of the growth in this market is the increase in the number of people attending shows like the Abenteuer and Allrad Show in Germany where over 55,000 off grid tourers arrive in Bad Kissingen in Germany for what is now arguably the largest annual camping and 4WD event in the world. But not everybody who has an adventurous spirit is interested in jumping out of a roof top tent or ground tent in the morning.

Just because you have an adventurous spirit does not meant that you can’t enjoy some creature comforts when traveling off the beaten track. Camper trailers are definitely starting to fill a gap in the market for those nomads who enjoy a bit more comfort when traveling and camping and the benefits of traveling in a camper trailer are numerous.

So why do people consider camper trailers as opposed to well kitted out over landing vehicles. Let’s look at a couple of these advantages.


The improvements of design in recent years have resulted in camper trailers now being as comfortable as caravans. The new designs also mean that they are very quick to set up, most are now equipped with built in kitchens and offer you plenty of space and shelter similar to what you would have in a caravan or motorhome.


Camper trailers offer great convenience should you decide to go camping at the drop of a hat. It is just a matter of hooking up your trailer to your vehicle buying some supplies and hitting the road. Another advantage of camper trailers includes being able to unhitch your trailer from your vehicle after setting up camp and heading off to explore the surrounding environment.


Other noticeable improvements in camper trailers technology today includes: improved towing hitches, built in dual battery systems and power sockets, solar panels for off grid power, controlled braking systems, lighting and music systems and hot water units that now give you instant hot water for showers and doing the washing up.

Off Road Ability

We are learning a lot from what is happening in Australia when it comes to camper trailer design particularly when it comes to the new off road trailers that are entering the Australian market. And we are seeing companies in Europe who build camper trailers incorporating off road camper trailers as part of the range of camper trailers on offer. Companies like 3 Dog Camper trailers who are based in Hamburg who now have off road models available for those travelers who enjoy getting off the beaten track.


Unlike expensive motorhomes and luxury caravans, basic camper trailers won’t break the bank. They are also smaller in size and will save on fuel consumption when towing. It really depends on your budget when purchasing a camper trailer, many companies now offer various packages and accessories depending on what your needs are and of course what you can afford.

Australia have been taking the lead worldwide when it comes to the development of innovative camper trailers over the last number of years but there are some companies in Europe now starting to make a name for themselves in this niche market.

Since 2006 the Hamburg based company 3DOG camping, has been manufacturing high quality trailer tents and vehicle roof top tents.

Company director Julian Nocke first discovered this camping concept whilst touring in the Australian outback and further developed the idea to suit the European market. All component parts are produced in Germany, with the exception of the tent fabric which is especially imported from Australia. The company in Hamburg offers a wide range of canvas colours and can accommodate any special wishes and demands of the customer. The tents can be extended at any time by the addition of specially designed modules which fit the basic tent models.

3DOG camping tents for trailers and roof top tents all share one very important characteristic: They are carefully designed to be pitched and disassembled in a just a few minutes. This concept enables campers to be more mobile as well as saving on time.

All tent frames are fully assembled and in place, all you have to do is to pull down the canvas on one side of the unit and the complete tent simply folds out,all that remains to be done is to secure the tent to the ground. Campers sleep protected from the elements in a comfortable bed which is mounted on the trailer.

The Hamburg based company offer a choice of trailers and tent combinations, so the camper is able to choose which equipment would best suit their own needs, be it weekends for two in the outdoors, family holidays, sporting events or full-on adventure holidays!

The two basic components of a 3DOG camping trailer tent are the robust trailer, and the tent itself. Depending on your particular requirements you can opt for a normal road trailer, or you may feel that the special off-road version is more suitable to your needs.

Whilst traveling, the trailer can be used to stow an additional 1.3 cubic metres of equipment/luggage. An advantage of the 3DOG camping trailer system is that when not in use with the tent, the trailer can be used as a trailer in its own right. The trailer meets the highest technical standards for safety, and has the extra allowance to be driven at 100kmh on German highways. To increase your camping comfort 3DOG camping can further equip your trailer with a kitchen module, which includes a sink, 2 flame gas hob, and a 40 litre fresh water tank.

The Off-Roader
Due to the sturdy and robust nature of the construction of the body and the attention paid to the technical details the 3DOG camping all terrain camping trailer is the perfect companion in extreme conditions. This off road trailer is a fundamentally different concept to her sister trailers. The trailer has 380 mm ground clearance, an angle of driving slope of 32 degrees, and at least 45 degrees lateral inclination. With 570mm fording depth, adventurers can easily attempt deeper water crossings.

The braking system is designed so that no sensitive parts may be damaged by the uneven-ness of the terrain. The maintenance-free axle with forged swings shouldcope easily with extreme terrain .

Each axle is individually produced for 3DOG camping according to customers needs. For towing the trailer has a ball-hitch.

3DOG camping alos offers a choice of two types of trailer tents depending on your requirements.
These include the ScoutDog and TrailDog, each have a different floor plan and offer between 9 and 36 square metres of living space. The integrated groundsheet, keeps the floor of the tent dry even in wet conditions, the tents are well ventilated via large windows and doors, further protection being afforded by the storm hoods above the windows and alongside the sleeping compartment.

All such apertures can be closed with the integrated plastic windows or with canvas covers. The adjustable room dividers mean that the tent layout can be easily altered, and the tent can be radically expanded by the addition of specially developed modules which fit onto the basic tent.

The tent can be extended to offer up to 36 square metres of accommodation! The bed on the trailer comes with a 1,80 x 2 meter mattress with quilted cover, or by request 3Dog can provide a cold foam mattress incorporating body zone comfort. Camper Trailers