Cooking with a Petromax Atago. We sometimes come across products that bring a smile to our faces and this is definitely one of these products. The Petromax Atago stands out on its own, in fact it is pretty much in a class of its own as an unrivaled all-rounder that can be used as a conventional barbecue, stove, oven and fire pit where you can use charcoal, briquettes or firewood as fuel. With its four basic functions this product ticks all the boxes. Another option includes just adding the grilling grate over the Firebowl and turn your Atago into a barbecue,your cooking options are endless using the Atago.

Another option includes just adding the grilling grate over the Firebowl and turn your Atago into a barbecue,your cooking options are endless using the Atago.After you have cooked up your camp oven feast just remove the grilling grate, and you will be able to sit back and relax with a cold beer and use the Atago as a fire pit, it’s as simple as that.

The 3 legs on the Atago will help prevent the ground from getting badly scorched and thanks to its unique extension-retraction mechanism, the Petromax Atago is ready to use very quickly . When folded, it has a height of only 15 cm (6 in), which makes it easy to store away on your roof rack or in your vehicle. We cooked up a busco spare rib dish in the Atago and were very impressed with it functionality and ease of use, after our camp feast we set back and used the Atago as a fire pit and were quite surprised with the size of the fire you could get going in the pit it’s fairly deep and does allow you pack in more than enough logs to get a decent fire going.


Dutch Ovens

There is something very special about cooking your food in the great outdoors. For us, we always seem to appreciate the food much more when we eat camp grub straight from the open campfire, all that fresh air,maybe a sea breeze, and the extra energy used when outdoors does wonders for your appetite.It’s no secret that our favorite piece of camp cooking equipment is a Dutch Oven (Cast Iron Pot). We usually cook most of our camp food in it, that includes, fresh bread, roasts, stews, baked potatoes and vegetables and much more. It has been the focal point of many a great camping trip over the years and hopefully many more to come.

Dutch Ovens are made to last and have been used for hundreds of years, both by pioneers exploring new lands. Up until fifty to sixty years ago they could be found hanging over open fires in homes where bread, and hearty meals were cooked for the entire family.

The Petromax Dutch Ovens are ideal companions for outdoor activities such as travel, camping etc. Perfect for cooking over an open fire and in the home kitchen, they allow cooking food such as vegetables and meat very gently in its own juice. They feature a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter.

The Petromax Dutch Ovens are made of durable cast-iron and have a pre-seasoned finish ready for immediate use. With the Petromax Dutch Ovens you can prepare delicious and healthy food for family friends and the beauty about these is that they can be integrated with the Atago, giving you plenty of additional cooking options.


Product Features: pre-seasoned surface for immediate use

-food is cooked very gently to preserve nutrients.

-notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling.

-the Petromax Dutch Ovens can be stacked.

-the Petromax Dutch Ovens come with three legs and feet on each lid (except ft1).

-optimal heat transfer thanks to specific surface structure hole for a thermometer in the lid.

-truly unique taste of food thanks to the specific heat transfer.

-specially designed lid that can be used as skillet or a platter.

-highest Petromax product quality.

Cooking with a Petromax Atago.