Tyres offer the best performance when they are inflated to a pressure that is appropriate to the terrain the vehicle is traversing. Normal road driving requires a relatively high pressure, while substantially lower pressure will dramatically improve your 4×4’s traction over a wide range of off-road environments. One of the best ways to increase traction over rocks or in deep sand for example, is to decrease your tyre pressure. In the article in this issue on crossing Namib, the expedition leader Nicolas Genoud outlined how several times during the drive through the Namib desert ,th ey were required to lower their tyre pressure to as low as 8.7 PSI. (Normal recommended road tyre pressure is around 30 PSI)

Having the availability of using compressed air gives you the freedom to greatly reduce your tyre pressure for different surfaces and environments and then to re-inflate the tyres back to normal road pressure when required.

Another equally beneficial feature is the ability to re-inflate tyres that have been repaired. When driving in tough off-road environments, it’s not unusual to suffer punctures. When combined with a good tyre repair kit, a compressor can ensure the ability to bring the tyre back up to the appropriate pressures.

The CKMP12 portable compressor from ARB has been engineered to suit any off-road adventure and is the most popular compressor in ARB’s range. It is constructed entirely of lightweight, high grade materials and is mounted in a tough and durable case, allowing it to be easily stored and carried as required. It features a hard anodised cylinder bore and a Teflon impregnated carbon fibre piston seal for reduced friction and maximum trouble free life.

Available in both portable and vehicle mounted kits, ARB Air Compressors provide many advantages when exploring the great outdoors. Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions, each ARB Air Compressor is individually leak tested, current draw tested and flow tested under heavy load at the factory before packing.
For total peace of mind, all ARB compressors come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty. To further increase longevity, ARB compressors are also rebuildable, with spare parts readily available from an extensive network of international stores and stockists.


Portable 12V DC air compressor with 6m (20ft) tyre inflation hose
Class leading flow rate
Sealed for moisture and dust resistance
Hard anodised cylinder bore for reduced friction
Teflon impregnated carbon fibre piston seal for maximum trouble free life
Anodised mounting bracket dissipates motor heat
Quality components for quiet operation and extra long life
Constructed entirely of lightweight, high strength engineering grade materials
Over-pressure safety valve equipped
Motor is internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage
Heavy duty maxi-fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection
Conveniently mounted in a durable carry case

Check out the ARB Tyre Inflator with gauge  in our follow up article from issue four of the magazine.

ARB CKMP12 portable compressor