The theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles is at an all-time high. If you need to leave your vehicle unattended for any period of time, it might be wise to consider adding some secure storage options to your vehicle. As we learned in the article on shipping your vehicle overland elsewhere in this issue, the Ro-Ro or Lo-Lo shipping your vehicle to or from certain ports can bring an elevated risk of burglary and theft of your vehicle contents and it is advised if shipping your vehicle in this manner to add as many secure storage options to your vehicle as you can, and also to secure windows and skylights on the vehicle where possible. And in any case, a secure storage option is a Fantastic addition to any 4WD Touring vehicle. Mobile Storage Systems has you covered in this regard.

The company provides a wide range of secure storage options which can be installed in a variety of locations in your vehicle. Offering a wide range of secure and lockable storage units the company provides lockable storage chests in a variety of sizes, lockable secure cubby boxes and also window guards. For example, The ‘Standard Store Chest’ is the largest of its ‘Off the shelf’ load area chests. With almost half a metre depth, this storage chest has the ability to hold an array of large items and keep them securely locked away from prying eyes. Its width allows it to fit perfectly between the wheel arches of a Land Rover Defender or Series and can create a flat load area in the rear of your vehicle when used in conjunction with other Mobile Storage Systems’ products.

As with all of the secure chests provided by the company, the Standard Store Chest is fitted with a highly secure SouthCo Lock. (2 Locks can be fitted on request). A high-quality rubber seal around the edge of the chest helps protect the chest from everyday usage. The seal also helps stop unwanted dust and water from entering the chest. Hexserts are pre-installed in the base of the chest. This is to stop the bolts spinning whilst installing to your vehicle allowing for a quicker and easier installation. Securely mounted with stainless steel bolts and captive nuts (supplied). The chest also includes interior rubber matting to help protect your items. The chest comes as standard with a black powder-coated body and a natural chequer plate finish. Learn more and see the wide range of options on the Mobile Storage Systems website.