Alu-Box is a family business

There is no doubt about it, a key part of any trip, be it a short camping or fishing weekend away or a longer trip with your family or friends for a couple of weeks, how you store and access your gear is something you should put a fair bit of thought into. It can be very frustrating pulling into camp after a long day’s driving, feeling exhausted and finding yourself having to spend wasted time searching for your camping gear in the back of your camper trailer or 4WD.

The time spent coming up with a system that suits your needs and saves you time when setting up camp is time very well spent. In recent years we are seeing more companies introduce portable storage solutions to help us to organise our gear more efficiently and one of these companies, Alubox certainly has started to grab the attention of campers and tourers around the world in recent years.

We recently caught up with Soren Wiberg to get an insight into how the Alu-Box storage boxes have been taking the world by storm, but also to put some faces behind this well known Danish brand. A family-owned company that was established in Denmark, Alu-Box is headed up by Ole Wiberg who founded it back in 1999. The company is now spearheaded by his son Soren who is ably assisted by his own son Peter. Three generations – this is a real family affair.

Soren, a keen outdoor adventurer and Land Rover enthusiast whose first vehicle was a Blue Series IIA 109, initially trained as a Landscape and Forestry Engineer before focusing his career on further developing the family business with his Dad. Soren tells me that in the early days, they started off specialising in high-quality aluminium boxes, cases and containers and they were contracted to supply the Danish Army.

Alu-Boxes are the storage box of choice for extreme expeditions and races

Now you know that a product is of very high quality when the Ministry of Defense started to place orders. Alu-box has also always had a close connection with the adventure and exploration community, as keen adventurers themselves their products have always been in demand from the global exploration community, be it expeditions to the Poles or across the Sahara desert the Alu-Box have been the storage container of choice for many an epic expedition.

The Alu-Box Pop-Top Camper

Not everybody might not know this, but for a couple of years Alu-Box were also involved in the expedition touring industry where they sold expedition related equipment like rooftop tents and developed their own innovations like the impressive Land Rover roof conversion simply called the ‘’Pop Top Camper’’.

Alu-Box built between forty to fifty “Pop Tops” before the tax regulations changed in Denmark affecting these conversions, making them expensive to build so they then decided to halt production back in 2010. It was around this time when Alu-Box started to focus solely on the ever-expanding Alu-box range of storage solutions.

Alu-Box have a huge selection of boxes to choose from

The Wibergs love the great outdoors and Soren highlighted that both himself and his family love nothing more than packing up Soren’s beloved Land Rover and heading off camping. It is from this passion that they continue to strive and come up with the ultimate storage box that suits this and other types of lifestyles. Alu-box now offers a huge variety of storage boxes that cater for the expedition, military, industrial, emergency services, transportation and now also widely used amongst the Camping and 4WD touring communities all over the world.

A closer look at the Alu-Box-
These eye-catching and high-quality storage containers are light, dust and waterproof and can be easily secured to your roof rack and can be locked with a padlock ensuring safe transport and storage for valuables, fragile items and sensitive equipment.

Soren told us that despite having a huge range of box sizes on offer, they also build bespoke boxes that suit customer’s requirements. All of the aluminium boxes can be made with inner fittings and added foam and they can also fit a high quality internal insulated liner, which is ideal for the transportation of blood, vaccines, medicines, food and drinks, camera equipment and camping gear, the list is endless.

Soren recently visited the DRIFTA HQ in Australia to catch up with Luke Sutton DRIFTA’s manager in chief. DRIFTA now distribute Alu-boxes all over Australia.

The company also supply a range of checkered plated load boxes, these are made for mounting on trucks, but can also be used in a variety of other areas. The company’s latest product includes a coffin for deceased persons, these coffins are presently being used by the Defence, Police and other foreign services.

Soren highlighted ‘’for us it is all about manufacturing quality products and that is why we focus a lot of our time working on and improving the existing Alu-Boxes’’. ’’One of the recent improvements came about two years ago when we switched from using pop rivets to solid rivets making a strong storage box now even stronger”

Quality fasteners

For campers and tourers, these boxes continue to gain popularity worldwide for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are light, durable and portable but also, they have sprung handles and can be stacked on top of each other making them more secure in the back of your 4WD or in your camper trailer.

The slender Alu-Box sits externally on the roof rack

They can be easily secured to your roof rack using a ratchet, they can be locked and with the new solid rivets, they are now even stronger and will last a lifetime if looked after. Added to all of this they also just happen to have that authentic expedition look and look the business, they can dent a bit but in our opinion that only adds to the authenticity of these unique boxes.

The Alu-Boxes have easy to grip handles

Resistant against seawater

Perfect for use a  tucker box.