The Offroad Monkeys continue to grow from strength to strength. This small, family-run Bavarian company continues to innovate in the production of high quality, precisely manufactured parts for the iconic Land Rover Defender vehicles.

The company’s founder Fabien Muller saw an opportunity when he saw that most Defenders eventually suffer badly damaged or badly rusted hinges, on the doors and bonnets of the vehicles, being the workhorse that it usually is, the normal hinges on a Defender are continually under strain and, unfortunately, the original vehicle hinges are not up to the task. The original door hinges have quite a few problems. Rust tends to build up and leaks down on the door in a rather ugly manner. Humidity can get into the car. Experienced Landy drivers are familiar with this problem. The Offroad Monkeys have a permanent solution for this problem. Their door hinges are built for eternity.

Precisely manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Offroad Monkeys Defender hinges were the first products to be manufactured by the company. However, since these beginnings, Offroad Monkeys has continued to add high-quality replacement parts for the Defender to its product catalogue. Today the Monkeys provide a wide range of replacement parts, including hinges for all of the doors, tailgates, and the bonnet, replacement mirror arms, replacement window frame holder and replacement window frame holders with built-in LED lights. With Offroad Monkey’s new window blocks, 2 powerful low beam headlights with 2 power LEDs (each 8 watts) can be mounted. The cables are laid invisibly into the interior without having to drill additional holes. Also, replacement sliding window covers, fuel caps and interior door handles, spacers for raising Chassis, Hardened brake pistons and more.

These parts are all designed to replace the original parts, and are all constructed with superior materials and precision by the company in its own plant and all of these parts are 100% made in Germany.

And, as a small and agile business, the company can also produce custom parts for its customers. Fabian and the team at Offroad Monkeys pride themselves on the quality of the products, and the company’s stated mission is to make an already great vehicle, the Land Rover Defender, even greater.

As an established premium brand the company also sells a small variety of branded lifestyle accessories, such as a range of petroleum lamps and T-shirts. You can check out the range of products, get in touch with the team, and order online