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The Impressive Genesis-Import HQ located in Germany


Genesis Import which is based in Germany imports and distributes top quality products for the off road, camping and touring markets all over Europe. One of these internationally recognised brands is the South African based Alu-Cab which is starting to make a name for itself throughout Europe.If you have attended any of the main camping and  4WD  shows across Europe over the last few years you will probably have seen the Alu-Cab products attached to the very recognisable and impressive Genesis-Import touring vehicles.

One of the many Alu-Cab Campers now available in Europe via Genesis-Import

Alu -Cab

Alu-Cab have been building high quality, innovative vehicle accessories and conversions since 2002. Founded by Jeremy Bergh a keen outdoor enthusiast who has had many years of experience in the industry.

The Alu-Cab Shadow Awn

Alu-Cab has become a leading manufacturer of aluminium canopies, awnings, hard tops and campers amongst other specialised products, for both commercial and recreational use. Alu-Cabs main focus has been building products for overlanding (vehicular wilderness travel), where it designs and builds gear that’s light, strong, durable and functional.

Dror Harel the man behind Genesis Import

Alu-Cab also builds customised products for vehicles of all shapes and sizes from Unimogs to Jeeps. The majority of Alu-Cab products are built from aluminium as it is strong yet very light and it does not corrode. In many cases Alus-Cab claims that its products outlast the vehicle itself. Alu-Cab is a pioneer and market leader in aluminum hardtops and camping equipment for pickup vehicles and these products have been tested in some of the harshest conditions around the world with most of the R&D taking place in Africa.Having built a reputation for building products that can take a beating it was an obvious choice for Genesis Import who only sell products that satisfy high German standards to add the Alu Cab range to its existing touring and camping catalogue. Lest have a look at some of the Alu-Cab products.

Genesis-Import  import top quality products that are built to last.


With the Khaya Camper, Alu-Cab has developed one of the most compact and innovative campers for pickup vehicles. Due to the compact dimensions and the lightweight, yet sturdy Aluminium construction, full off-road capabilities are available, when required. For the first time ever, experience from the commercial safari rental business in South Africa has been combined with the requirements brought by European weather conditions.

Khaya Camper

The Khaya Camper has everything on board to venture for a longer time outside of civilization. In the raised roof it offers a comfortable double bed for two people. Inside the camper is space for a compact 2-burner gas hob, sink, refrigerator, seating and plenty of storage space. Four large compartments to be used outside, offer space for kitchen, camping, travel and mountain equipment. A mobile gas cooker on a hanging table allows you to cook outdoors. The 270° Awning keeps you covered in rain or shine. If necessary, the awning can be converted into a 10m² tent area with side walls.

Khaya Camper


The new, third generation Expedition 3 Rooftop Tent is one of the best hard-shell tents on the market. Made entirely of aluminium, it carries a heavy load and is assembled very quickly. The newest version is slightly taller than past generations, and has a sleeker look with angled sides at the front. It is much more elegant compared to other Aluminium tents. Its new shape also makes it more aerodynamic and more wind resistant than previous generations. This improves the ability to drive at higher speeds, and reduces wind noise and fuel consumption.

Expedition 3

Expedition 3


Alu-Cab is revolutionising the market for pickup campers with the Ossewa Camper. Constantly updated to meet the demands in Africa, the Ossewa has everything you need to survive life outside of civilisation. And while the vehicle is extremely compact, it offers two double beds, and therefore sleeps four people.

Ossewa Camper

Ossewa Camper

With the Alu-Cab Ossewa, a new generation of camper has come to Europe. It is not intended to be a living room on wheels, but instead for those who love outdoor living.

Alu-Cab Products European Distributor – Genesis Import


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Alu-Cab Products European Distributor – Genesis Import

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