Offroad Monkeys is a small family business in Bavaria that has made it its mission to make great vehicles, Land Rover Defenders, even better. We recently caught up with the guys from Offroad Monkeys at the Abenteuer and Allrad expo in Germany, where they had their products on display. The ever-expanding catalogue of top quality parts is very impressive and some new parts were also on show on their demonstration vehicle.

Door Hinges

The original door hinges have quite a few problems. Rust tends to build up and leaks down on the door in a rather ugly manner. Humidity can get into the car. Experienced Landy drivers are familiar with this problem. The Offroad Monkeys have a permanent solution for this problem. Their door hinges made from high strength aluminium are built for eternity.

Rear Door Hinges

The heavy-duty spare tire and the dynamic load changes work hard on the original hinges. Many Defender drivers are familiar with the strong wear and tear on these door hinges and the squeaking and creaking noises of the rear door. That was the reason for the Monkeys to develop durable rear door hinges from high strength aluminium.

Window Blocks

It´s the same story as with the door hinges, the original window blocks rust easily and if things go bad they even crack the windscreen. With Offroad Monkey’s window blocks, you don’t just get a distinctive fresh look, you also get extra strength and permanent rust protection. Built from high strength ,black anodized, aluminium.

Window Blocks with LED

Seeing and being seen is a must for all off-roaders. With Offroad Monkey’s new window blocks, 2 powerful low beam headlights with 2 power LEDs (each 8 watts) can be mounted. The cables are laid invisibly into the interior without having to drill additional holes. Made of high-strength aluminium, black anodized.

Bonnet Hinges

The perfect match to their door hinges. Precisely manufactured, stable and long-lasting. They also provide theft protection for the hood. It is not possible to unhook the hood anymore. Made from high strength aluminium with a bit more distinctive original look.

Sliding Window Covers

The aperture for opening the side windows is relentlessly exposed to all weather conditions. This quickly ages the original part. Unsightly corrosion spreads and the paint may peel off. With Offroad Monkey’s covers made of high-strength aluminium for sliding windows, this is a thing of the past. The parts are black anodized and can also be painted in your body color.

Adjustable Mirror Arms

The optimally tuned, adjustable mirror arms made of high-strength aluminium, are available in 2 lengths.
A clever folding mechanism with hardened grid holds the mirror firmly in the direction of travel, even at high speeds without wobbling or folding. For narrow passages the mirror can be folded close to the vehicle and you still have good visibility in the rearview mirror.
The arms are available in original length and in 100mm longer version. The long version is ideal for driving with trailer or box body.

Gas/Fuel Caps

The Offroad Monkeys gas caps make every boring tank top a real eye-catcher. Like all of the Offroad Monkeys products, the gas caps are made of high-strength material and then black anodized. Choose from 4 different designs and make your tank a real eye-catcher.

Petroleum Lamp

One of the nicest things at the end of a day of off road travelling or even camping at home on your terrace is to sit outside in flickering lamplight. Offroad Monkeys petroleum lamps has a sophisticated seal closure and it can be quickly and easily closed so that nothing runs out. It is neat and handy and allows you to easily conjure up its beautiful light whenever you want it.

Designed and built in its own high tech premises in Germany, these products  are manufactured from high strength aircraft grade aluminium with high quality lubrication. Things are going from strength to strength for Offroad Monkeys and they have just opened a UK website for their growing UK customer base. As the brand has grown in popularity they have also begun to sell some great high quality branded accessories such as fuel caps, sliding window covers, custom (and very cool) petroleum lamps and t-shirts.

Fabian Müller of Offroad Monkeys onstage at Abenteuer and Allrad

Offroad Monkeys gear on display at Abenteuer & Allrad


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