Dare To Be Different Outdoor is a company that sells a range of outdoor products. Its range is not large because it wants to specialize in producing a small number of very high-quality products. When designing a new product the team at Dare To Be Different aim to find and answer specific needs of overland travellers and one such question that the team has answered is “Where do I cook when I am travelling with my roof tent?”

And to this end they came up with their range of Chuckboxes. A chuckbox is the perfect addition to your roof tent and an ideal travel companion during a picnic, on the boat or in the car. An essential part of any overland journey or 4WD Touring and camping trip is the food. As the team at Dare To Be Different Outdoor say “good food comes with a good adventure”. The Chuckbox is an ideal companion for adventure. These chuckboxes are portable kitchen units that unpack to provide an outdoor kitchen for four people in no time.

From cutlery to frying pan and from spice jars to gas burner, everything you need to cook and to serve a meal for four people is in the chuckbox. These quality products come in 3 sizes, large, medium and small, and it is the small version that is pictured in the photos accompanying this article. The small chuckbox unpacks from a frame that contains the compact case, the case is placed upon the frame to elevate the kitchen. Three worktop table flaps are extended out to create a useful table/work surface area.

The small version of the chuckbox has two built-in gas burners which are very stable and can be used with heavier pans (unlike the removable burners in the larger chuckboxes). The compact kitchen measures 44cm x 30cm x 33cm (lxwxh) with a handle on top, and weighs in at only 12KG and we found it very easy to carry around.

The build quality of the kitchen is very high as is the quality of all of the included equipment. We found the pots and pans to be very easy to cook with, non-stick and very capacious. The windscreen made cooking a breeze (even in a breeze). All of the implements are light in weight but very high quality. And the list of items included has obviously been very well thought out , and contains everything that you should need to prepare and serve a meal for four people.

It takes us only a minute or two to setup the chuck box and get started cooking. We have brought it out a few times now and found it to be the perfect size for use on our trips, under an awning, in a rooftop tent annex or out in the open air. Overall, we love the chuckbox and find it a pleasure to cook with.

The Small medium and large chuckboxes come with a 1 year warranty and can be ordered from a range of dealers across Europe and delivered within 5 business days.