Portable Wood Burning Stoves for Camping

The Frontier Plus from Anevay Stoves in Cornwall, is a next-generation portable log burning stove, suitable for tipis, bell tents, yurts, keeping warm on the patio on chilly evenings and adventurous outdoor cooking. The ‘bigger brother’ to the popular Frontier Stove.

When you order a Frontier Plus Stove, you’ll get the stove, detachable ash-catcher and five sections of flue which all pack down inside the body of the stove, the stove comes with Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included. The Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features that make using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient, including a glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times an air vent on door allow for optimum temperature control, adjustable height legs and a wider 4-inch flue that requires less regular cleaning than the smaller flue of the Frontier stove.

This stove is ultra-portable and surprisingly light, the entire kit dismantles and all of the flue pieces can be stored and carried within the main body of the stove. A neat and attractive carrying case is also available and makes travelling with the stove very easy.

The stove can be used indoors or out in a hut, tent or Tipi, Anevey recommend regularly wiping it down with some organic oil (olive oil, vegetable oil or rapeseed oil) using an old rag, in order to both clean it and preserve it from rusting.

The Frontier Stove and Frontier Plus stoves are designed to burn wood, so Anevay recommend only using seasoned dry timber. Burning coal in the Frontier Stove can cause it to warp.
The most recommended fuel type is compressed wood logs (make sure they are good quality, made from untreated wood offcuts).

This type of fuel is very cheap, easy to get hold of and burns very cleanly. Use scrunched-up paper or dry grass to get the flame going, and drop a lit match down the top to ignite. Once the fire is going gently feed kindling in through the front opening. You can also drop fuel in from the top; this can help you achieve more heat when cooking as the fire is nearer to your pan.

If using the stove in a tent, you will also need a tent flashing kit and a spark arrestor.

This is a impressive looking and versatile stove that can burn fuel efficiently for hours and hours.

You can cook on top of the stove and there is also a removable disk on the top that when removed allows you to place a pot or pan directly over the flames for even faster cooking or heating.

We have our camp coffee ready in no time at all placing our coffee pot right on the stove.

Anevay don’t recommend that you leave the stove lit unattended for long periods of time, or that you leave it burning overnight.

If you do decide to leave the stove on tick-over (air supply shut down low for a long slow burn) they recommend also using a carbon monoxide detector in your tent or hut.

We have only had our Frontier Plus stove for a couple of weeks and we love it, we will bring you a full video review of this stove in use in a variety of camp setups in the next issue of the magazine.

To learn more about this stove and also the wider range of stoves by Anevay, you can visit and purchase online here:

Portable Wood Burning Stoves for Camping