3 Winter Camping Hacks.

As winter approaches, its time to start making some small changes to your camping setup and prepare for some colder nights in the outdoors. Aside from sitting by a roaring campfire, there are other ways to combat the effects of cold weather. In this short post, we share 3 simple tips for coping with the cold while winter camping.

Your water bottle

Fill your bottle with hot water before you go to sleep and put in in your sleeping bag, it will help to keep you warm during the night and the next morning, you will have some nice unfrozen water to drink.

Your Tent

Make sure you have some ventilation in your tent.
If you seal your tent too much and close all the vents, the tent will fill with condensation and freeze on the interior fabric, it’s also not wise to hide your face in your sleeping bag, though this may feel temporarily quite cozy, your breath could freeze on the bag, filling your bag and face with icy particles.

Your Batteries

Cold batteries discharge faster than warmer batteries, so if you’re using a battery that has gotten very cold, ensure that you have a warm one in reserve. Keeping small batteries in an inside pocket is enough to keep them warm. Some photographers we know (ahem) have been known to keep batteries in their sleeping bags overnight in order to ensure they are warm and ready to go at dawn.

3 Winter Camping Hacks