Offroad Monkeys is a small family business in Bavaria that has makes high quality replacement parts for Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G Class Vehicles in addition to making on demand custom precision parts for its customers.

The fact that 4×4 driving takes a toll on every vehicle, makes all parts of a 4wd vehicle work very hard, everything is stressed and can eventually start to wear down and fail. This was the original challenge that was taken up by Fabian Müller, the manager of Offroad Monkeys. Sick of seeing hinges fail, Müller decided to design his own solution to the problem, his personal motto is ‘Build things with passion that will last forever.’

Many Offroad and expedition drivers encounter recurring issues with door hinges on their vehicles. Loose, broken or rusting hinges can be a real pain when on the road, there is nothing more inconvenient than a door that won’t properly close or stay closed, or indeed, won’t open.

Made in Germany from high strength aircraft grade aluminium with high quality lubrication are the hinge sets from Offroad Monkeys. Made with inner stainless steel bolts with helical grooves to distribute grease in an optimal manner, these hinges also feature stainless steel bearings which can be replaced if needed without having to replace the entire hinge.

Business is booming for the company as more and more people become aware of the products , and the positive experience of customers is leading to a strong growth within the marketplace for Offroad Monkeys parts and accessories.

The brand is an imprint of Müller Motorcycles which has been making parts for the automotive and motorcycle industry since 1985. The company credo is: Build things with passion and for eternity. This is because the team at Offroad Monkeys believe that only satisfied customers are loyal customers. And For this reason, they use only the best materials and work on and finish each individual part until it is absolutely perfect. The company also prides itself on working with suppliers from the local region and all Offroad Monkey’s parts are 100% made in Germany.

This is through the manufacturing of a range of extremely high quality parts and accessories for these venerable vehicles. The Offroad Monkeys products are manufactured using high quality milled aircraft grade aluminium. And, as a small and agile business, the company can also produce custom parts for its customers. Current products from the company include Door Hinges, Window Blocks, Rear Door Hinges, Window Blocks with LEDs, Bonnet Hinges, Sliding Window covers, Adjustable Mirror , Fuel Caps, Spacers for raising Chassis, Hardened brake pistons and more.