“Our Project MAYBACH embodies the perfect combination of state of the art off-road capabilities and an extraordinary Maybach identity, defining the next level of luxury like we already did 100 years ago”, says Gorden Wagener. “With the project’s futuristic design we captured the spirit of the times and interpreted it in a visionary way. It creates desire by combining a beautifully seductive sculpture with the most extraordinary proportions we’ve ever created.”

The monolithic colour concept continues with the show car’s sandy interior. Intricate jewellery details punctuate the purist interior theme, which was conceived to hint at both the traditional luxury world of Maybach and a modern vision of luxury utility inspired by modular, utilitarian hotels in Japan. The balance of these two visions can also be seen in graphite grey functional details – stressing the car’s utility-driven character. Precious polished aluminium accents link the car to Maybach’s 100 year design history. The vehicle’s signature interior material is a sustainable leather, tanned naturally with coffee shells to ensure the lowest environmental impact.

A purposeful approach to space – cementing the interior’s modular inspiration – allows the oversized seats to be folded up and removed from the vehicle with a handle, to be carried like a suitcase – minimizing Project MAYBACH’s indoor and outdoor boundaries and reinforcing the concept of bringing luxury to the outdoors. The possibility of a more refined “inside” overnight experience is not forgotten, however. Fine, hand-died cotton and locally sourced wool are woven to create a Jacquard houndstooth finish, which serves the dual purpose of acting as a seating headrest as well as a luxurious blanket that can be unrolled for use during an overnight stay. The seats can be fully reclined to be transformed into a spot to sleep, with rear compartments opening up to provide a bed extension. Ultimately, the vehicle is transformed into a hotel room complete with reading lamp – the simple and extremely reduced architectural surfaces of the vehicle creating quietness and tranquillity. Nothing distracts from the car’s purpose – experiencing nature in all its facets.



A contrast between the tradition of Maybach and the technological advances of Mercedes-Benz is core to the Mercedes-Maybach brand, and Project MAYBACH takes this duality to entirely new levels. The clean and functional dashboard, for example, epitomizes the interior’s simple look; when rotated 180 degrees, it reveals a huge screen with access to a unique computer game developed specifically for the collaborative show car project. Players can test their virtual driving skills using the car’s steering wheel and pedals.