The MT-V35F 32L Portable Fridge/Freezer is the latest model from Engel and contains lots of great new featured. A new gunmetal grey colour provides an attractive new look and is a great update to the classic Engel look. This fridge freezer is built to be tough, with stronger handles, corner protectors and a reinforced food basket.

Engel is known for its performance and for holding its internal temperature even in the hottest environments. Reliability , performance, efficiency and robust quality are all essentials features of Engel products, and this fridge freezer is no exception.

The Engel MT-V35F 32L Portable Fridge/Freezer features the latest world-renowned Sawafuji swing motor which provides almost unbelievable cooling and power efficiency with VERY low consumption. The single zone device can be used as either a fridge or a freezer and as a freezer can reach a temperature of -18C. The latest electronics include a built in battery monitor and digital thermostat control which allows for easy control of temperature. The fridge also maintains its internal temperature regardless of external/ambient temperature changes. The built in battery monitor (high , low and off settings) provides high or low battery protection (depending on whether you are running the fridge on your starter or a leisure battery). The very low consumption of this unit enables you to have cold food and drinks for extended period on the road.

The fridge/freezer has a bright internal LED light to allow you to see the contents of the fridge after dark. The rugged and robust case can take the knocks associated with overland use and the two steel handles can also be used as tie down points to secure the fridge when you are on the road. The fridge/freezer comes with Both a 12V plug for cigarette lighter sockets and also a 240V lead with three pin plug to plug into mains or other power sources.

The combination of very robust build, very low power consumption and the ability to maintain its internal temperature even in the hottest environments makes this a very impressive addition to your overlanding kit.

You can order the Engel MT-V 35L in Europe from My Overland Shop,


Model: MT-V35F
UPC/ISBN: 9334660001666
External Dimensions: 360L x 631W x 408H mm (handles add an additional 50 mm)
Internal Dimensions: 270L x 380W x 270H mm
Insulation Thickness: 4cm
Cable Length: 2.94m
Total Capacity: 32L
Capacity (Cans): 44 x 375ml cans
Compressor: Sawafuji
Input Power: Built-In 240Volt AC / 12Volt DC / 24Volt
Power Consumption: Variable from 0.5 – 2.6 Ah
Temperature Range: Minimum
approximately -18°C
Weight: 21kg