The new Outpost AT provides on- and off-road drivers with versatile, durable driving in all conditions. The agressive tread is designed to help SUVs, crossovers and pickups navigate tough off-road challenges, the tyre is reinforced with Aramid Shield™ – these are puncture-resistant Aramid fibers embedded beneath the tread to provide extreme resistance to rugged surfaces and road hazards.And we have certainly found these tyres to be tougher than previous tyres across a range of tough conditions. In fact we have regularly experienced side wall punctures over the years driving in some locations, and when revisiting these locations with the Outpost AT, we have so far had no punctures at all.

These New tread design elements help drivers to feel more comfortable and secure on challenging terrain. Certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake, the tyre’s adaptable rubber compound offers a comfortable, confident ride on any surface and in any weather, courtesy of the company that invented winter tyres.

The TURAS team has driven this tyre on sand, mud, rough forest roads, rocky mountainsides and most recently across a variety of rough tracks and green-lanes. Recently we have been doing a lot of driving across the remote country lanes or ‘bohereens’ in the Wicklow Mountains National Park,which is situated just south of Dublin City. Covering 20,483 hectares, Wicklow Mountains National Park has the distinction of being the largest of Ireland’s six National Parks. It is also the only one located in the east of the country.

The National Park extends over much of the Wicklow mountains. Upland blanket bog and heath cover the upland slopes and rounded peaks. The wide open vistas are interrupted only by forestry plantations and narrow winding mountain roads. Fast flowwing streams descend into the deep lakes of the wooded valleys and continue their course into the lowlands. and throughout these explorations we have constantly had a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. Driving for hours into remote national parks and locations far from reliable assistance or recovery options, it is comforting to have such confidence in the tyres you depend on for your safe travel.

As Nokian Tyres Head of R&D Olli Seppälä says , “Nokian Tyres is renowned for our deep know-how in tire technology and versatile testing that help keep drivers safe also in extreme conditions”. “Outpost AT is the latest example of that commitment and represents our highest-tech offering for drivers of SUVs and light trucks. We have spent years designing and testing this tire, incorporating new features that will make it a durable, versatile option on and off the road.”

Outpost AT pledges to help drivers extend their terrain, their toughness and their travel through forged features that allow them to follow wherever their adventures lead.

Extend your terrain

Outpost AT helps drivers remove their limits and confidently go wherever their journeys demand, bolstering on- and off-road experiences through supreme traction for all driving conditions.

The NOKIAN TYRES Outpost AT features a special 3D tread pattern that helps the tire thrive in challenging conditions. The tire’s novel tread pattern reflects the diversity of terrain it is designed to tackle, enhancing grip and handling on any surface, from hot asphalt to soft mud and snow to rutted gravel.

Summit Sidewalls – peaks at the top of the tire’s sidewalls – offer extra grip when the tire sinks into soft surfaces and provide an aesthetically striking design that symbolizes the rugged ambitions of the tire’s drivers. Shoulder notches cement the tire’s sturdy grip at the point where the sidewalls meet the tread pattern.

Canyon Cuts form at the intersection of the 3D tread and the shoulders, allowing drivers to experience extra grip when they encounter unpredictable surfaces. And those surfaces include snow, and slush – Outpost AT is certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem. New Outpost AT is crafted to combine the versatility of an all-season tire with winter handling capabilities.

“Drivers of rugged vehicles want to enjoy their adventures and return home safely, no matter the challenges they have faced,” Seppälä adds. “We crafted the Outpost AT to thrive on mud, snow, gravel and asphalt, because traction and grip don’t just reduce our limits; they help us push through our limits and enjoy our journeys.”

Extend your toughness

Outpost AT is stocked with technology to protect drivers in the most rugged environments.

Aramid Shield™ technology gives the tire extreme durability and puncture resistance. The tire’s tread and sidewalls are protected by extremely strong Aramid fibers, the same material used in bulletproof vests and the aerospace industry. Aramid embedded beneath the tread helps protect from punctures due to rough terrain and road hazards, while it reinforces the sidewalls to help prevent blowouts from potholes and other obstacles.

Throughout the tread pattern, Gravel guards boost the Outpost AT’s puncture protection. They strengthen the bottom of the tire’s deep grooves, guarding against rocky terrain and allowing the tire to comfortably carve through rugged surfaces.
The sturdy structure of Outpost AT supports high load capacity and makes the tire an ideal option for heavy-duty work and recreation, on or off the road.
“Outpost AT is one of the toughest tires we have ever made,” Seppälä states proudly. “It is aggressive enough to provide ultimate durability thanks to Aramid Shield™ and refined enough to offer comfort along the way.”

Extend your travel

Outpost AT offers high mileage thanks to a tailored tread whose landscape is forged with protective features. A canyon-deep tread pattern exceeds the depth of predecessor, the Rotiiva AT, by 1,5 mm and LT-metric versions by 2,5 mm. The deepened tread, 11,5 mm and LT sizes 15 mm, extends Outpost AT’s service life and strengthens its ability to master difficult terrain. Drivers can enjoy fuel efficiency thanks to a durable and sustainable rubber compound crafted to minimize rolling resistance and keep emissions low. As a global leader in sustainability, more than 90 percent of Nokian Tyres’ products rank in the lowest rolling resistance categories. Three-dimensional siping helps Outpost AT contend with snow, slush and standing water, extending journeys in harsh conditions. And stability supports and groove lifts lend a sturdy structure to the tire, giving drivers peace of mind as they navigate long trips on difficult surfaces. As always, Nokian Tyres helps drivers know exactly how much tread life remains. Its patented Driving Safety Indicator, available in the latest generation of every Nokian Tyres product, clearly displays the percentage of available tread so drivers know when it’s time to purchase their next set.

The new Outpost AT is a smart choice which enables the drivers to enjoy the benefits of the tire for a long time.
Durability is not only defined by withstanding today’s challenges, but also by providing confidence that the tire will tackle tomorrow’s obstacles,” Seppälä concludes.