We love Land Rover Defenders and always will. The TURAS Defenders have served us well over a long period of time. We hope you enjoyed our recent material on the TURAS Land Rover Build where we performed a variety of updates and upgrades on the Defender 90. And we hope that you might also agree that the results were fantastic. Well now we are turning our attention a little to its sister our 110 Defender. One of the easiest, fastest and cost-efficient ways that you can bring new sparkle to an aging Defender is with the Bearmach Facelift kit.

This kit, which is available for Defender models from 1995 onward contains a 4 bar grille style kit in Gloss Black with black mesh inserts. The kit contains the front grille left and right lamp bezels and surrounds, a side vent and two top vents. This kit provides a refreshing updated visual upgrade for your vehicle. The kit is extremely easy to install and it only took us a couple of hours to replace all of the parts without requiring anything other than a screwdriver. The mesh on the backside of the vent is an upgrade both in the strength of the components and in the protection provided by the mesh.

We think that this kit looks awesome on the Defender and have already had some compliments and questions about the new look. This is a simple and ideal enhancement and is also perfectly suited to consider as an upgrade when you are upgrading to LED lights.

You can find the kit along with anything you might need for your Defender on the Bearmach website.


Bearmach is a worldwide distributor of parts and accessories suitable for Land Rover vehicles. were Founded in 1958 with only three employees. Today, Bearmach has a team of over 100, shipping Genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts to customers around the globe.

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If you are not already aware, Bearmach also hosts an online Community Space. A place for all of its customers to enjoy every part of Land Rover life. Take a look at the Get Inspired page for photos of some favorite parts and accessories fitted onto customer Land Rovers. Check out the latest Podcast – the Bearmach Chit Chat and lots more.