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All around the world the Covid-19 Coronavirus has created a surge in the purchasing of camping-related equipment, including Rooftop tents, RVs, campervans and traditional ground tents. As people strive to escape the cooped-up feeling of quarantine and isolation and seek out, wide-open outdoor spaces that allow them to keep their distance from other groups and from crowds.

The pandemic which continues to exist but is slowly diminishing has made many conventional holiday activities difficult or impossible, or at best unpleasant, putting millions of people off the idea of flying or visiting crowded resorts or amenities. But the idea of an outdoor holiday with the commensurate reduction in the risk of virus transmission has made camping holidays a very appealing option for a lot of people. Camping industries around the world have seen a surge in growth of both the sale and rental of camping related equipment. Industry experts expect to see this demand continue long beyond 2021,as a multi-year trend.

In truth, the pandemic has made many people realise, or remember the importance and the pleasure of nature and of the restorative role it can play in both our physical and mental health. Research has long demonstrated that being in the outdoors for several days or weeks can help to reduce stress, restore healthy sleeping patterns, and can even help to ease the symptoms of depression amongst other health-related benefits.

In addition, camping enables us to take the opportunity to have a digital detox, to reduce the number of hours that we spend staring into our screens and to reconnect with each other and rediscover the arts of conversation and imagination. After many months of cabin fever, cooped up with our digital entertainment, many people have a thirst for wide-open spaces and fresh air for which camping holidays provides the requisite sustenance.

Many of our readers need no persuasion on the appeal of getting out on the road away from it all, but recent times have grown this audience and we are seeing a lot more people become interested in camping and 4WD touring and it is a pastime that continues to grow. Welcome to all of our new readers and we are glad to have you join us on our journey.

There is so much to enjoy in an active outdoor lifestyle, planning and experiencing exciting trips, pulling up every few days in a spectacular new location. No crowds, perhaps no people at all sharing your own little corner of the world. You are self-sufficient and equipped, more than comfortable. Nothing beats camping in a remote place that you have arrived at through the abilities of your vehicle and spending a couple of nights in the billion-star hotel.

Camping is a particularly stimulating experience for kids, who can enjoy some time disconnected from their devices and rely instead on their imagination, while also learning some new skills and some independence.

There really is no downside to a camping holiday, even when it rains, it is great to look out and see and smell the rain as you all enjoy some time in the vast outdoors. Consider making your next holiday a camping trip, you won’t regret it.