There are lots of advantages to tent trailers/ trailer tents, one of the most pronounced is the ability to park it up, erect it and still be able to move your vehicle to perhaps go touring in the local area. Of course, trailer tents are also much larger and more comfortable than ground tents and can provide a lot more living space than roof tents. Combined with a rugged trailer, tent trailers are a great option for Overlanding and 4WD touring. German company CAMPWERK is one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality tent trailers in Europe. The company’s flagship product is and always has been the tent trailer, which is built in both an on-road and a robust off-road version.CAMPWERK’s tent trailers are based on the Australian type; are easy to set up and are a really great option for road trips.

CAMPWERK offers two options for these tents, the ‘Economy’ version and the larger ‘Family’ version which provides moe space for a larger family. The tent trailer system has a wide variety of accessories including a camp kitchen that can be attached to the tailgate or used independently, heaters, bunk beds, storage systems, bike racks and much more.

When you’re travelling in countries with bad road conditions and driving an all-terrain vehicle you can opt for the off-road tent trailer by CAMPWERK. The chassis has a particularly strong construction and is made entirely of light aluminium and tough stainless steel components.

The off-road trailer by CAMPWERK weighs only approx. 300 kg when empty, thanks to its light aluminium construction. Since the gross permissible weight is 1.5 tons, you can load up to 1.2 tons onto the trailer. Visually, the offroad version of the trailer fits in perfectly with the look of an off-road vehicle thanks to its rough-tread MT tyres and rugged and solid aluminium fenders. The fender construction is also suitable for and strong enough to safely transport loads such as petrol and water canisters or gas cylinders.