Ever since we put the Discoverer® STT PRO mud terrains on the Defender in the last episode we realised that they were slightly sticking out beyond the standard flares on the vehicle. As it turned out we were informed by the road regulations authority that they were not road legal and that we needed to put on new flares that were wider and fully covered the new tyres.

Every country has different rules when it comes to protruding tyres, so ist best to check the regulations in your jurisdiction before adding new rubber to your 4WD. To be honest we did not want to put on flares that were too wide as we just don’t like that look. Anyways we did order some new matt black ones from Bearmach and they now do cover the STT PROS, we are due a test at the time of writing but feel confident that all will be approved. For more details on the selection of Bearmach Wheel Arch Flares, click here.