As part of the Land Rover build project,the objective was always to try and salvage what we could and reuse parts and items within reason. By doing this, we could save a few bob and also have more control in managing the project.

On assessing the Land Rover we knew that we had some surface rust on parts and we believed we could bring them back to life by treating them with certain solutions, of course there were other parts that were too far gone and could not be saved. One of the products that we had not used in the past but had seen some very positive reviews about was Evapo-Rust. We got on to Colin from Big Branding in the UK and explained what the plan was with the build and he was immediately on board. It was agreed that we would use Evapo-Rust to tackle the rust issue and then apply DINITROL cavity and underbody wax.

First up was to remove the parts that we wanted to reclaim and treat with the Evapo-Rust. One of the main attractions to using the Evapo-Rust was the fact that it was a safe and non toxic rust remover that pretty much could bring parts back to life. Also there is no mixing required, it’s simple to use and does the job in a relatively short period of time. It’s also interesting to note that you can keep using the solution for other rusty items that you have knocking around your she,over and over until the solution turns black. It is estimated that one gallon will remove 1/2 lb of dry rust, now that’s impressive.So how does it work basically it is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals.

The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST bonds to iron exclusively. It can remove iron from iron oxide but is too weak to remove iron from steel where the iron is held much more strongly. Once the chelating agent has removed the iron, a sulfur-bearing organic molecule pulls the iron away from the chelator and forms a ferric sulfate complex which remains water soluble. This frees the chelating agent to remove more iron from rust and as a result, gives some awesome results. We were not able to reclaim everything we wanted to but certainly got to bring back a number of items that otherwise would have been thrown away. Examples include mud flap, frames, metal rings that hold the front lights into place, the light guards, front grille, spare wheel bonnet holder, fuel carrier holder, and so on. We also reclaimed lots of old tools, cast iron pot, and other bits and bobs. This stuff was very easy to work with and the results are very impressive.


In a container, pour a sufficient amount of EVAPO-RUST® to completely cover the rusted object. It is best to remove excess dirt and oil prior to use.
Immerse the rusty object in the solution and leave it for 30 minutes for light rust or up to overnight for extremely heavy rust.
When finished, rinse item with water. If deep rust remains in pits, re-immerse item until all the rust is gone. Un-rusted metal will not be affected. NOTE: This stage is VERY important in getting the best results
To prevent flash rusting, dip the item back into clean Evapo-Rust®. Then allow item to air dry. This will prevent rust for up to two weeks.

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