CAMPWERK, specialist in the field of compact and comfortable camping, has become an established name across Europe. In recent years, the company has rapidly strengthened its market share in the rooftop tents category.. Since then, the recently renovated CAMPWERK locations in Bochum (Germany), Dörzbach (Germany) and Tynaarlo (The Netherlands) have grown into some of the largest showrooms for roof tents in these countries, where a wide choice of soft and hardcover models are available. But the backbone of the company has always been , and is still the tent trailer, which is built in both an on-road and a robust off-road version.CAMPWERK’s tent trailers are based on the Australian type; are easy to set up and are a great option for road trips.

CAMPWERK in Europe

We spoke to CAMPWERK owner Michael Krämer who took our call from the new CAMPERK showroom in Bochum. Krämer explained “Since last year we really have the space to show our range in this new building. Visitors who have made the trip to Bochum get a good impression of what we have to offer. ” The products that CAMPWERK offers are in line with the growing demand for compact, easy to set up, comfortable camping equipment and the outdoor lifestyle that goes with it.”

Tent trailers rediscovered

“When you look at the tent trailers, or the folding caravan 2.0, we see a continual increase in interest from customers. This increase has a cause. It is obvious that a lot has been improved upon here. For example, sleeping comfort has been greatly improved. We work together with Froli, a German bed specialist. Together with them we looked at the optimal lying comfort. Based on this, we equip almost every trailer with a specially developed, super-comfortable mattress consisting of cold foam and a top layer of memory foam, all supported with disc springs and with a size of no less than 220 x 175 cm. We can also provide customization here. And folding it out is also much easier than with the folding caravans of the past. Our Economy version is set up within a minute due to the super simple folding system. And the larger Family version can also be set up within a few minutes with a few extra steps.”

The off-road tent trailers from CAMPWERK are lightweight and can therefore also be pulled by slightly smaller SUVs.

Offroad capabilities. Naturally at TURAS we are curious about the off-road version of the trailer. In the showroom, the trailer is available in both a Cargo version and a tent trailer version. “We are increasingly building the Cargo variant these days. In our production facility in Bochum, Germany, we can make these in various designs. For example, we can vary in height of the trailer box, length, width and we have a black Black Silver Edition, where the aluminium superstructure is anodized black. By using a heavy chassis, but light construction, the standard version is only 340 kg, but can be loaded up to a maximum of 1,500 kg. ” For more technical information, please see the information box below

Krämer continued: “We recently built a copy for the Royal Special Forces in The Netherlands. They were looking for a lightweight trailer (important for transport in a helicopter), which can transport a lot of volume and can of course handle the most extreme off-road conditions. It was also important that the turning circle of the towing vehicle (the ATTV Vector, with rotating rear wheels) was not limited. This does not cause any problems due to the long T-shaped towbar. For these reasons, the Special Forces have chosen our trailer. Meanwhile, other foreign government agencies have also found their way to CAMPWERK. ”
The off-road enthusiast can find lots to like at CAMPWERK. But several government agencies have also opted for the off-road trailers because of the various options available and obvious high quality of the trailers.

The Cargo version can be viewed in the CAMPWERK showroom with the iKamper X-Cover roof tent mounted. And there is a definite trend where more and more roof tent campers are creating a bit more flexibility by mounting roof tents on trailers and having their car available in this way. In addition, the trailer can be expanded with further equipment of your choice or with a kitchen from CAMPWERK, so that you can put together camping equipment in the way that suits you.

“We regularly see that our customers visit places with their off-road tent trailer that are very inaccessible. Experience shows that the trailer is almost never the limitation”, concludes Krämer. You can learn more about these trailers at