Most of us who read this magazine love camping and enjoy nothing more than packing up our vehicles and getting off the beaten track as far away and as often as we can. A key part of a successful trip is being able to keep your drinks and food cold, particularly for those hot summer days. Having the right storage solutions is also important to protect your food and drinks from getting damaged in the back of your vehicle.

Fridge freezers are a great option but not everyone has the luxury of a dual battery system to keep their fridge freezer ticking over while they explore and camp at their favourite locations for extended periods of time.If you are getting into the touring lifestyle and if a dual battery system is not yet a priority well there are options with some new and improved solutions that are capable of doing a great job.

Petromax is very well respected in the camp cooking world and as this innovative company evolves they have started to introduce some awesome new products including the recently launched Petromax Icebox range. Like all Petromax products, they are very well made and are a great mobile storage solution for storing your drinks and food in the back of your touring vehicle, camper trailer, boat or camper van and can keep its contents cold for an incredible 12 days.

So before we get into having a closer look at the new Petromax icebox let’s have a look at the benefits of coolboxes in general. When you invest in an icebox for the first time you will more than likely end up asking yourself the question why you did not have one before, the joy of having a cold drink sitting by your campfire is just the best thing ever.

Whether you want to store ice-cold drinks or safely keep food at a fridge-equivalent temperature at a picnic or barbecue, these iceboxes add their weight in gold. Iceboxes should most definitely be the first step prior to purchasing a fridge freezer for your touring needs, particularly if you have just recently got into the touring and camping lifestyle.

The decision to purchase a coolbox instead of a refrigerator often comes down to your budget but also if you just want to get away on a shorter trip they are the perfect solution. Don’t get me wrong fridge freezers have major benefits but an icebox can also be a great solution for many.

Introducing the new Petromax range of coolboxes. When we first got wind that Petromax was bringing out a new range of coolboxes we knew that this was going to be interesting. Having worked with Petromax over the last twelve months we have been using their camp cooking products on various camping trips and we are very impressed with the quality of this gear.The German-based company clearly take their time when designing their products and only use the best of materials, this stuff is built to last the test of time. These new iceboxes certainly have an edge over other models on the market, not only do they look great and can take a beating they will also keep your beer and food cool for up to 12 days , yes 12 days , now that’s impressive.

Available in an Alpine white, Sand & Olive the kx25 and kx50 models are ultra-passive cooling systems offering a completely autonomous supply. The insulating layer of at least 1.7 inch enables the robust PE corpus of the cool boxes to keep ice cool for up to 12 days. The double-walled construction with void insulation is made from optimally chosen, durable materials. The Cool Box is made from durable polyethene and extremely sturdy.With 25 l capacity for the kx25 and 50l for the kx50, the cool boxes offer enough storage space for your favourite beverages and food. The inside of the cool boxes is designed to accommodate 1l or 1.5l bottles and thanks to the fully integrated handles you can easily move these boxes around when fully loaded. Some of the features include the integrated drain system which allows you to easily drain melted water, this also makes it easy to clean your cool box after use.

Some other features worth noting include the non- slip lid that is strong enough to be used as a seat when sitting around the campfire or when fishing.


The unit also has reinforced latch plates allowing you to lock your cool box and prevent your favourite honey being taken by a wandering bear or your favourite beer being taken by strangers or your camp buddies. The cool boxes also have some great accessories that include:

The Dry Rack Basket for thee kx-series. The basket is simply placed on top of the inner edge of the Cool Box keeping its contents dry and away from the ice and melted water. A perfect pace for placing your fruit, vegetables or cardboard packaged foods.You can also get a locking plate with an integrated bottle opener so no more looking for an opener around you campsite or trying to open your favourite with your teeth. This stainless-steel accessory fits perfectly in the position of the lower locking plate of your Petromax Cool Box The Locking Plate is a universal design and is suitable for all cool box models.

Some Tips

The optimum cooling performance of the Cool Box is achieved when it is cooled down one day before your outdoor adventure begins.

Only stock with pre-cooled beverages or food.
Use larger blocks of ice if possible.
Always place dry ice, cold packs or ice on top of your beverages, as the cold sinks downwards to the base of the icebox.
Try and limit the number of times you open your icebox
Try and store your icebox where possible away from direct sunlight. Also, try and pack your icebox with as much ice as possible as this will keep the ice cooler for longer. The less air the better.
Always transport in an upright position.

We now have been using the Petromax icebox for over eight weeks and are very impressed with the quality and its ability to keep your food and drink cold for extended periods of time. We have taken it on numerous camping and fishing trips and have also been using it in the back garden where it is a feature in the new TURAS Camp kitchen. One of the real selling points of this product is its ability to keep your beverages cold for up to 10-12 days but also the quality of the build it’s pretty much bulletproof and will take a lot of abuse for many years to come.

Like all Petromax products they don’t mess around and don’t cut corners, this is a very high-quality product that is well priced. All up we love it.

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