We have been busy making some tweaks over the last couple of weeks and we hope you like the new look magazine. Trying times, still, for us all.  Though on a positive note we have been able to get out and about a bit more. It also seems that the interest in camping has been taken to new heights with people from all over Europe and beyond trying it out for the first time as they enjoy their staycations. The downside to this surge in interest has been the increase in litter being left behind on campsites. It’s such a bugbear for us, and we just don’t understand why some people (in truth the minority) don’t adhere to the basic ‘leave no trace’ principles, and just muck (that’s being mild) things up for us all. We feel a TURAS campaign coming soon to explain how to take a dump in the wild without leaving a mess behind…excuse the pun.

Anyways, in this issue we explore awesome Bulgaria with 4×4 Camping Bulgaria,Ron and Viv Moon bring us on a fascinating tour across North America. We take a look at some great camp cooking equipment, including the new cool box, cooking tripod and also clothing from Petromax. We share some tips on adventure and outdoor photography. This issue also sees the first part of a cool new camping van build with Funki Adventures. If you have not already seen it , learn more about our special DARCHE gear supplement ‘A Life Outdoors with Darche’ showcasing some of the best camping products on the market. We have a new feature on 4WD Clubs worldwide, where we meet some clubs in Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium and the USA. As always we take a look at the latest camping and 4WD gear and accessories that can help to make your trips more comfortable.

We do hope that you enjoy this new look issue

The TURAS Team